Is Deepak Chopra to quantum physics as Kent Hovind is to biology?

Question by Fuzzy Tail!: Is Deepak Chopra to quantum physics as Kent Hovind is to biology?


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Answer by gorgeoustxwoman2
Whoa! This one is totally over my simple head.

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  1. Kathryn B says:

    LOL, yup. Also, like the Creation Museum is to education. Oh, and while we’re at it, might we add, like religion is to peace.

  2. puggirl93 says:

    i dont know, but i know kent hovind is an awesome scientist and knows the facts.

  3. ♫♥Kallan♥♫ says:

    How is that? I have seen some of Chopra’s stuff, but where is the quantum physics thing coming in? Link please.

    Edit: Thanks for the link, mbs. I don’t know enough of him to make a decision one way or another at this point. The article is extremely biased against him, so I can’t just go by this to say yes. If you are asking if by that article he is, I’d say yes, according to that author, he’s a fraud.

  4. KrzyMom2 says:

    I know Kent Hovind knows what he is talking about when it comes to Biology and I think he also knows what he is talking about in quantum physics. I’ve met him in person and he has an unrefutable case for Creation vs. Evolution. Deepak Chopra is probably the opposite of Kent Hovind in both biology and physics, however I haven’t studied up on his views other than from his website, he appears to be Buddhist?

  5. Ha! Pug-something or other girl calls Hovind an “awesome scientist”. Tee Hee. Now I’m peeing……lol.

    Non-accredited fraud of the past three decades for that twit.

    Deepak looks harmless…though the harmless ones can be quite slippery.

  6. Me, Thrice-Baked says:


    Deepak Chopra pays his taxes.

    Like Kallan, I too do not know enough about Chopra to make a fair assessment (and while I am not into New Age medicines I do believe that touch and localizing energy can be helpful, although it sure ain’t going to “cure” any terminal illnesses). I know enough about Hovind to hope he stays in jail for the rest of his life. Let them martyr him. If not for him, someone else would have said the same thing and they all would have believed it as if their afterlife depended on it (oh, wait…;-).

    I would say that Jeffrey Dahmer is to quantum physics what Kent Hovind is to biology. They both eat people up and spit them out for their own pleasure and make it look ‘scientific’. And they’re both (well, not Dahmer anymore) EXTREMELY dangerous.

  7. Loki, Burning Bright says:


    I can say that, as someone who actually took college level courses in quantum physics and who has also read some of Deepak Chopra’s books….He has no grasp what so ever on the topic. Totally twists it to further his own ludicrous religious notions.

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