Is it bad to use coupons on a first date?

Coupons on a first date

Coupons on a first date


Is It Acceptable To Use A Coupon On The First Date? | Expert Advice


Dear Rabbi, I went on a first date with a successful man. He asked me out by saying, I have a birthday coupon somebody gave me, and I might as well use it. I was particularly taken aback when the man asked the waiter if


There’s nothing wrong with a man using a coupon on a date, as long as he does it with class. He has graciously offered to treat you to an evening out in exchange for the pleasure of your company. It’s really irrelevant to you how he pays for that honor, whether it’s by cash, credit, coupon, or gift certificate. All you need to be concerned about is how respectfully he treats you, and how interested he is in getting to know you. In your case, it seems like he failed on both accounts.

You aren’t crazy. Now move on and try to find a man who is successful in areas that count: manners, respect, and generosity.

Using a Coupon on a First Date?

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