Is it possible to prevent yourself from falling love?

Question by Alan: Is it possible to prevent yourself from falling love?
So let’s say I meet someone that I am really compatible with but I don’t wanna fall in love. Is there a way to prevent this? I like the company of women I am just afraid of getting hurt so I don’t wanna ever be in committed relationship. Is this possible?

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Answer by Dude
Imagine she has a penis. Problem solved.

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  1. Yes possible and not very hard.

  2. No its not possible

  3. Yes, it’s possible to keep yourself from ever falling in love with someone. Just keep thinking about wanting to fall inlove with them all the time and keep obssessing over it and you’ll never fall in love. Because love comes naturally and if you force it, it will never come.

  4. I do think that this is possible, however, I believe it requires some sacrifice and self control. The more time that you spend with this woman (going on dates, talking on the phone, being alone with that person) allows you to start developing emotional ties and bonds that will make it quite difficult NOT to develop some type of feelings. It would probably be better to keep the relationship open, like seeing other people. Just until you are ready to get serious. Good luck!

  5. spicy_salsa69 says:

    First of all, yes it is possible at least for a while. You have to logic yourself into not falling in love. I’ve done it myself.
    Secondly, you’re living in a dream world if you think you’re never gonna get hurt. It might be by a woman, maybe one of your friends, your parents, siblings, a co-worker, etc. Anytime you are around people for any period of time you are going to get hurt. It’s the nature of the beast.

    I’d also like to add that I’ve not only been hurt but completely and totally devastated in the past, and yet I am still here, and now married to a very good man. And guess what….he’s hurt me too. Never intentionally he just doesn’t think before he speaks. Do I expect him to do it again? Yes. Do I love him any less for it? No.

    My advice is grow up and learn to deal with hurt. Living your life in an emotional bubble is no way to live. We are human. We are emotional creatures. We are made to laugh, to cry, to feel angry, upset, sad, confused and happy. Learn to deal with your emotions.

  6. Good luck to you!

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