Is there a such thing as personal growth at work?

Question by blahh__: Is there a such thing as personal growth at work?
I have to do a presentation at work in the next hour and I have a feeling at the end my supervisor might ask me has there been any personal growth or have I grown anyway since working there and I have no idea how to answer.

I know you all dont work where I work so I am just asking for personal opinions, do you have any personal growth at work? If so what is it. I just need to get my thoughts flowing.

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Answer by Mandy

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  1. Bianratta says:

    Personal growth- Im guessing they mean life experiences or spiritual awakenings you may of had since you were employed.

    Not many jobs conjure up those things, so just be honest.

    Anything that may of happened that has made you grow as a person that you felt you were lacking in before.

    If its easier write down how you were before you got the job and then how you are now.. maybe that will help?

  2. One amongst billions says:

    Hmmmm… interesting question. Just try to think of everything you have learned while employed there and how it’s been valuable to you. Demonstate some knowledge of skills you have gained while employed and how you feel you have been an asset to them.

    Yes, I have experienced personal growth at my job. I learned a lot and used that to better myself while performing my job. As a result, I gained a promotion.

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