It’s not about what you’ve lost. It’s about what you still have that matters.

Check out these quotes about happiness images:

It’s not about what you’ve lost. It’s about what you still have that matters.
quotes about happiness
Image by deeplifequotes
It’s not about what you’ve lost. It’s about what you still have that matters.

Happiness is
quotes about happiness
Image by aftab.
wearing lipstick even when your face is green

My 1800th post, and that quote is copyrighted, btw, don’t even think about using it =P

(jokes aside, folks, two bad news:
1. During Vietnam tour my 5D (MKI) broke. The mirror came off. I loved that camera. Some of my most precious memories were captured with it. It still takes pictures, but you can’t see through the view finder. A metaphor for my life, I guess.
2. About a month ago I ordered some equipment from B&H. They never arrived. This is the first time this happened since I have started buying stuffs from them about 5 years ago. Its not their fault, I am unlucky. I was going to start a new project, but….

I am still happy though, my face is green, but I am smiling wearing lipstick=)


  1. saidurrob says:

    looks like someone i know =p

    About the 5D, are you going to fix the mirror. BH has a good customer service, have you talked to them. and what are you getting this time ?

  2. SaNgiTa.....DrEAmY DeSirE says:

    nice catch ! excellent ….

  3. 🙂

  4.  Saidur: i bought 5D locally, That was my 3rd 5D. I will talk to Canon. I might try to glue it myself. Not sure what is next, I am thinking =)

  5. Amena Alam Upoma says:

    বাহহ্!! আবারো অসাধারণ!! 8)

  6. Ferhanaa says:

    Hashbo na kadbo bujhte parchina.

  7. sureed ahmed says:

    Very good work….!

  8. word artist says:

    #1: obviously, it is time to upgrade to a real camera.
    #2: insured?

    The picture… technically excellent, though I think it would have been better with the main character a little more to the left.

  9.  word:
    #1 Still got MKII
    #2 no 🙁

    I knew someone was going to say that, but there is a dark area on the right of the frame, so can’t do nothing about it =)

  10. Saptak Ganguly says:

    nice capture….lovely dof…!!!!

    Seen on my Flickr home page. ( ?² )

  11. shallowend says:

    Another Explore worthy effort from you! I’d wear lipstick if I could produce results like you! LOL

  12.  foolish_faroo: Smile, always =)

  13. mskarim বশীর says:


    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called ★EXCELLENT★ , and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  14. Musfeque [Away] says:

    fantastic composition!!!

  15. Annie Hall Photography says:

    I like the dof and colors! Sorry about your misfortune 🙁

  16. famkefonz says:

    They do look very happy! Hope things get better in the camera world!

  17. Divine Lunatic says:

    hmm its time to get the MK II it appears ;), think of it as photographic charity..beautiful work as ever…

  18.  Divine: I do have a MKII =)

  19. towards light says:

    when do we get to see your lipstick wearing picture ?
    sorry about your misfortune though.
    nice capture and play of DOF !

  20. sⓘndy° says:

    This is one of the happiest photos ever!!
    Love it!!
    Makes me feel soooooo happy..
    YOu are great at happy!!
    thank you..we all need that!

  21. soupatraveler says:

    oh, i love this photo! but so sorry to hear about the chain or unfortunate events. i’d fix it for you if i knew how. : )

  22. Ok ok I won’t use it if it is reserved. =))

    Ekhon eigulo shooting hochee, joss. I have one too, she is all dressed up and posing with attitude but not smiling though. link

  23. Francisco Aragão says:

    Wow, so nice !!!!!

  24. Art Rock (Hennie) says:

    Sorry about the camera, but great shot. Excellent shot, and I have always found that the square crop is more forgiving in centering the main subject.

  25. Frollojpn says:

    B&H is a pretty serious company, maybe the delivery service…
    Keep smiling, even if you are green!

  26. neetaphoto says:

    Camera: 🙁
    B&H: :((
    Lipstick on green: 😀
    For everything else … …

  27. Sampa beautifulworld says:

    excellent shot…. smiling face…………darun….

  28. ♥Saibal~M♥ says:

    fatafati….conposition aftav da..

  29. ~nazmul says:


  30. Ferhanaa says:

    I try…:)

  31. Ferhanaa says:

    Na actually, shob chaite mojar bishoy holo, eto boro duita dukkhojonok khobor gulo apni eto moja kore deliver korechen. You are truly a genius!

    (amar mone hoy tel mara ektu komano uchit!)

  32.  foolish_faroo: ei kahaney tel mara shompurno nishiddho, dhora poriley 500 taka jorimana =P

  33.  foolish_faroo: Actually Faroo, life has been so good to me, amar complaint kora shajena. =)

  34. .M I T U L. says:

    Metaphor of your life!!!! I don’t think that way every bad happening has a good cause behind….
    Ar green face amar Fav character Green Man Hulk rei bhalo lage apne hoile kemon lagbo… ;P

  35. fRoM.tHe.ZeRo ( says:

    chorom focusing
    love the colors and the DOF

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  36. Ferhanaa says:

    Oh, and I don’t think there are such thing as being "unlucky". It’s just luck (good/bad is irrelevant). And I really believe every unpleasant incident has a good result, you just need to give time a chance. Sometimes, it really take a very long time before you realize that. Patience is the key!

    At least, that has been my personal experience. Yet, I don’t learn! 😀

    And, I am glad that you don’t complain. We shouldn’t complain. We have enough good things in life to be grateful about. We start complaining as soon as we fail to look at life from 360 degree angle. I can go on and one about this…but that’s another topic. 🙂

  37.  foolish_faroo: tumi eto olpo boyoshey eto kotha koi thekey shikhchho? =)

  38. Ferhanaa says:

    Ai hai, amar boyosh apnake ke boleche? 😀

  39. Sukanta Bhattacharya says:

    very nice pic, it looks like a happy man walking in a busy street.

    Sorry about the camera, but think of it as an oppertunity to buy a better 1.

    BTW now it can capture images which you cant see from the view finder, may be it got its own eyes. 😉

    Good luck for the new one, keep posting these fabulous fotos

  40.  foolish_faroo: that’s a secret =)

  41. mauspray says:

    excellent focusing..!

  42. AЯίF | Md. Arifur Rahman says:

    Aftab vai apni abar o Rocking!!!

  43. u n f o r g i v e n says:

    nice. beautiful picture with caption

  44. kokophess says:

    … is a state of mind! … that is what I always say all the time! (:o)

  45. aammiirr says:

    great image !!!!!!!

  46. evening sun. says:

    best of luck! i knw the feeling but well, be cheerful! :D:D:D

  47. frustrated.artist says:

    Delightful shot and quote – really made me laugh!

    How sad about your 5D – perhaps it is repairable… I have never had a problem with B&H – you have been very unlucky.

  48. Lovely

  49. Amiruddin Thaksin says:

    great capture!

  50. tonmoySaha says:

    thats a bad news !!
    shit happens..

    this is good image

  51. Ifty Amin says:

    Excellent focus here, what else is new – oh, wait, that quote should be put on the open source domain, it’s too darn priceless to keep to oneself =D

    It’s a shame about your 5D, are you getting it fixed? I’d probably feel the same way about my D40 even if I had a D(awesomest), the cameras you make your better pictures with command eternal love, they do.

    What does B&H say, if you’ve contacted them about the, erm, situation?

  52. Anamae . says:

    am so sad about your 5D , that’s a big loss 🙁
    you have a good attitude though
    btw this is brillant!

    Ps’ congrates 1800th …that’s alot of magic & insight

  53. Alo Adhari says:


  54. ami2amity says:

    congratulation for ur 1800th post. Ur happiness is reflected through the smile of the central doll. u r surrounded by us. we r also happy. its my imagination, Aftab bai.

  55. _shuniil says:

    my positive spin:
    I can understand your emotional connection.
    come on..a camera can take so many amazing pics..(e.g., so much use) ..u prob exceeded the limit:-).. I think that camera should feels unlucky .. not u. in addition, u can still take pictures.. call urself lucky…

    package not arriving is a common problem as long u did not loose money! i went to b and h to buy something in person.. it took me half an hour to buy replacement battery.. u order in one place.. then pay in another.. and pick up in different .., at least three lines…so much room for errors!! did not make any sure that their online system also icomplicated…,.keep bugging them.. it will arrive at no time.

    we can call ourselves lucky with slightly optimistic perspective:-)

    hope that it makes u feel better.

  56. cannalilylady says:

    So sorry that your camera broke and your order did not arrive. I am happy that you can still be happy though….and I love your quote. 🙂

  57. mizan♫ says:

    first class composition

  58. Finding_Nevrland says:

    seems like i’ve miissed many of your photoes bhaiya.. 🙁 so silly of me.. 🙁 how could i..!

    I’ll see the all 2000+ photos of yours within a week after my exam finishes next week.. that’s my first task after exam..!

    really how silly i am to miss all these moments..? 🙁
    I even didn’t know of that incident.. 🙁 your mk 1 has broke in vietnam? 🙁
    BTW, bhaiya.. how about a 1D mk 4 now? 🙂 as a Eid gift to yourself?

  59. tanjikun(coachmode) says:

    Happiness is wearing lipstick even when your face is green……that’s totally agreeable…….

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