letting love manifest?

Question by tlc14: letting love manifest?
in one of my previous question, someone answered with a very awesome answer. it really hit home with me. (and i thank you for your answer BLI)

but in the answer she put, “letting the love manifest.”
i don’t understand what you/she means by that.

here is the link to my previous question and the answer i am talking about is the one posted by BLI (the 7th answer)

Best answer:

Answer by I sharpen
Letting love manifest means….allowing it to COME OUT. To show forth. It is the outward “evidence” of something that is already inside. In this case “LOVE” That is what manifest means. Enjoy being in Love. 🙂

Regarding your situation. I believe it takes a real “lady” with class, that has the ability to be kind to anyone she talks to, even the opposite sex. And yet at the same time…just by the way she carries herself, she knows how to show in her eyes (to anyone) that she is basically taken, and totally committed to her bf/husband…etc. The male should do the same thing for his gf/wife. It’s called deep commitment to each other.

Both of you should never want the other to suppress God given love and kindness toward anyone. You cannot crush, or possess a rose. It must be allowed to grow and share it’s God given beauty to all. Read Proverbs 31 and desire to become that woman. That is the best God can offer a man.

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  1. friendlyadvice says:

    It means opening your heart and mind to allow love to come into your life. It means knowing that you are worthy and deserving to receive this love. It means not expecting that love to come from one certain person, but being open to receiving love in whatever form it comes to you. It means not trying to control how and when but opening your arms to accept.

  2. neonlights1971 says:

    Well if he thought you “Flirted” is he that insecure about your relationship??? It would make me wonder if he’s a control freak or what??

  3. Ready Set GO says:

    i believe she meant, love should rule(maybe not rule but be held higher) over anything else.

  4. gitcomedy says:

    I think that by letting love manifest it means by looking beyond these problems and to love anyways … and to help with your other problem i’m with this girl who is very “approachable” and she gives guys hugs all the time and you know what … I don’t care because i know she is giving guys hugs all the time heck she hangs with her ex boyfriend alot too but i know that she loves me because she tells me all the time and because i know i give her reasons to love me .. if ur boyfriend feels scared or intimidated by a little flirting with another boy tell him you love him , not constantly so that it loses meaning, but enough so that he knows it

  5. 🙂 You make me smile dear. I consider it a privilege to expound on the “manifestation” of love to help you better understand what I meant. Because I really want it to work out for you guys.
    Well? What I meant when I said “let love manifest” in a relationship is, to let love “Come forth, Be Shown, Be Used, Operate….”

    For something to “manifest,” it means to “come to the surface” and display itself…if you will. So, in short…it just means to “use love!” 🙂
    In a situation where someone has a hard time forgiving something you’ve done, you continue to show them love despite all they say that may hurt you or all they may do to you.

    You guys should both just love each other regardless, is what I’m saying…but since love is an ACTION verb and it’s not a feeling or emotion…love has to be literally used. In the sense that….it’s patient, kind, enduring, humble, forgiving….etc. (1 corinthians 13) You’d need to be DOING these things to/for the person you love despite what you guys go through because that is letting it be shown and used…in other words “manifested.”

    When you forgive repeatedly, despite what was done to you, love is manifesting itself.

    When you are kind to people who disrespect you, love is being manifested.

    When you endure for a person who just can’t seem to get it right…(time after time)…love is being manifested.

    When you are patient with everyone regardless of how long it takes….love is being manifested.

    When you believe and hope the best for the situation (whatever it may be) you are letting love manifest….

    When you are being humble and willing to see the other person’s perspective instead of just your own…you are letting love manifest….

    In all of these examples- love is being manifested. Allowed to be worked in, IN you because of God’s love dwelling in you.
    When Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world….Love was manifested.
    And when we live and walk in love…in dealing with relationships and every other area of our lives…it is important to let the love we have inside of us…be manifested in our everyday lives because..what good is it for if it’s never used?

    Therefore, love manifested…is just love shown.

    Three other answerers here I can safely tell you hit the nail on the head with EXACTLY what I meant. 🙂

    Answerer “I SHARPEN” :
    “….allowing it to COME OUT. To show forth. It is the outward “evidence” of something that is already inside.”
    (VERY nicely put. Best Answer to me.)

    Answerer “gitcomedy” :
    looking beyond these problems and to love anyways …
    (That’s IT!!)

    Answerer “Ready Set GO” :
    “love should rule(maybe not rule but be held higher) over anything else.”
    (That’s the whole point of it all)

    All three of them captured the epitome of the whole of everything…:) But one answer is incomplete without the others 🙂 They were very on point…
    Couldn’t have said it better myself!! (lol)

    Thank you for asking, it’s always a pleasure to help.
    I hope I was able to!

    God Bless U sis!!!

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