Louise Hay – I Can Do It [you can heal your life daily affirmations] Full Audiobook

Louise Hay - I Can Do It [you can heal your life daily affirmations] Full Audiobook

Louise Hay – I Can Do It [you can heal your life daily affirmations] Full Audiobook.

This is a great…phenominal collection of successful leaders. I learned so much from these people. Wow!! Be motivated.


  1. Michael Watson says:

    Thank you Louise, I love. I have created wonderful things in my life.. This
    reminder will truly help me achieve the other wonderful things also..
    Always gonna stay positive x

  2. LaughLightLove says:

    Some good info, some not so good! My friend used the LOA to win the lottery
    9 years ago, and still has gone from strength to strength! She wanted to
    win it just to prove she could. Anything is possible :)

  3. Donella Debesa says:

    Thanks for posting this!!! they keep deleting it! Please keep posting it!

  4. You just have to love Louise Hay. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Patricia7Tita says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. David Watkins says:


  7. Komal Kapoor says:


  8. Chrissy Maurizi says:

    Louise hay, you are an inspiration. I love this audio book! Thank you for
    enlightening me! 

  9. Shilly Riser says:

    “I am willing to be open to the unlimited prosperity that exist EVERYWHERE”

  10. dmanzo100 says:

    Even if once or twice a week. moderation for anything I think is key

  11. Komal Kapoor says:


  12. amen

  13. ” All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this
    situation only good will come. And I am safe”

  14. Zadoch Priest says:

    I could say that Louise saved my life today, but I think that what I mean
    is, she showed me how to save my own life. Thank you Louise.

  15. Edel Sanders says:
  16. ThePersonal GrowthProject says:

    I find these amazing videos to uplift us all.

  17. Missy Lynn Charles says:

    Awesome collection of speakers!!

  18. Tryin2findout says:

    excellent video…i will listen frequently….

  19. John Betts says:

    I appreciate what she’s saying,but could she have been lucky too?

  20. mistreeiam says:


  21. Carmela Pattillo says:

    OMG, this is so awesome. I have not listen to the whole thing yet, but I
    am listening most days and this is amazing. Wonderful information and it
    is helping me really see somethings about myself.

  22. cotton1903 says:


  23. Johnny Hardin says:

    We see The Matrix for the first time and go through the seasons,,,
    only to come back around and Know Him for the first time.

  24. Thank you, I am so grateful for this and appreciative of you for posting it

  25. John Betts says:

    Who is this?they mumbled the introduction!I guess some people are lucky!

  26. loveabrahamhicks says:

    I started my morning with the best intentions and it just got better! I
    was talking to my 13yr old telling him how amazing it was that the
    inspirational writers I so loved throughout the years like, Louise Hay and
    Wayne Dyer and how they teach the teachings I love from Abraham-Hicks. Then
    I get to work and just for fun bring up YouTube and here it is all the
    names I talked about on one video!!! Is this the greatest stuff!! How did
    this happen? It’s so great participating in this great life seeing how
    things are brought about for us! Thank you so very much!!!!!!

  27. ThePersonal GrowthProject says:

    Hello Free Angel. This is why I created this channel, to motivate and
    inspire. I love it!! Thanks so much.

  28. Free Angel says:

    with much love and appreciation for this inspiring video……..absolutely
    right on time!

  29. Eugenio Salas says:

    Aprende ingles miriam. Nunca es tarde

  30. Myriam Co says:

    Por favor con subtítulos sería maravilloso, para los que no sabemos inglés.

  31. skybright1000 says:

    i just like the first story

  32. Rhema Flowers says:

    This is absolutely fantastic! I’ve been shring this link with everyone I
    think it can help (which is everyone) without being obnoxious. But it is
    soooooooooo right on time! Thank you for compiling and sharing!

  33. Gary Francis says:

    You are right on time… Ty 🙂

  34. Shirlynn White says:

    Thank you for sharing this…

  35. awilda2790 says:

    Thank you…

  36. El Mahdi Fahmy says:

    Thank you very much.

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