Louise Hay: You are what you think

Considered one of the founders of the self-help movement, Louise Hay is a spiritual teacher with a wonderful message of how to change your life for the better.
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  1. MrBazinthenow says:


  2. Elena Liliana says:
  3. taergehtsiram says:

    I have loved Louise for years. She has a very common-sense approach in
    expressing herself, that I love and find very easy to understand.

  4. Joyce Culleton says:
  5. Cookie Turner says:

    She is so pretty

  6. Endeavor4ever777 says:

    By far, my absolute favorite person who’s ever lived. I can honestly say
    that I love this woman. A deep love from within my heart. She is just
    incredible. She deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

  7. Nana Quynh says:

    Thank you Louise Hay. Your 10 Steps to love yourself is starting to have
    effect on me after an hour listening to you on those 10 Steps and another
    talk on self-affirmation. I listen to you an hour ago on this day of
    1/2/14 which is at 1:05 AM. Your talks are refreshing my new year 2014.

  8. helen casey says:

    thank you so much x

  9. mary ann carrlton says:


  10. sheddy guitar says:

    Thanks sweet heart you are an angel

  11. michael flay says:

    thank you!

  12. Daniela Dea says:

    I agree. TY for all you do <3 Love, always <3 <3

  13. Toshe Sokolovski says:


  14. lotusquel says:

    OMGoodness I am loving Louise Hay! She is amazing! I love this gal! Ah

  15. Pierre Fred Walter says:

    Enlightening! Every sentence has so much meaning, but we need to take her
    by her word, literally, and practice these methods. I do, but only since a
    short time. It took me decades to get there. The trigger were the books of
    Joseph Murphy and Catherine Ponder. Now, I need to read Louise Hay. She is
    more unique than the two others as she founded one of the most prosperous
    publishing companies in the world!

  16. LivingWithBliss says:

    Loved it, thanks!

  17. Martin Spiers says:

    You are what you think about

  18. Marina Bulgarelli says:

    I love this woman! she is so so sweet and sooo beautiful! :-))))) <3 <3 <3

  19. Tony Vega says:

    That interviewer looks just like that actress from that movie Delirious.

  20. AldoTL90 says:

    Where is the LOVE button?

  21. tomasz ropa says:

    I love the all idea about Love ouer self it help alots

  22. I love Louise Hay too:) – thank you for this video and thank you Louise, I
    just watched a clip from Harold and Maude – ordered a copy as it looks
    absolutely wonderful (and funny)

  23. edita mercado says:

    thanks for sharing this,,,,

  24. MehrzadsCottage says:

    Hemingway grand daughter

  25. Myriam Co says:

    Please put the subtitules, I don´t speak english.

  26. thank you so much for this. I really do appreciate it.

  27. Rhea Sheinin-Mullen says:

    What if I don’t deserve to be loved?

  28. Mandy Burns says:

    This woman has healed my life and is so everyday with her books and audio

  29. Cashmere says:

    Even if I know already all of this it is soooo good to hear them again and
    again. Thank you. 

  30. jude ignacius says:

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