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I can’t imagine a world without tigers

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Story of Stuff Gal
inspirational movies
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Annie Leonard is the creator of the little internet movie that could. The Story of Stuff has received 7.3 million views. When she was on the cover of the NY Times, Fox news pundits called her Marx with a pony tail and said she was undermining Western Civilization. Glenn Beck is targeting her claiming that her film promotes social justice. Well hallelujah. She says not to worry about them. They are the little group of cells in the caterpillar that attacks the butterfly cells just before the butterfly is birthed. The butterfly never-the-less survives. Her response to these attacks is for us to turn up the volume and be heard more often and louder.

The thing about our persuit of stuff, she says, is that not only is it trashing our planet and trashing each other, but that it’s not even fun. Because if it were fun she could get behind going down in flames. I would go along with that.

She says that 1/4 of the US population say they have no one to talk to about personal issues and that all over the world the #1 thing that people say would make them happy is to have a shared relationship with another person.

She talked about the Happiness Index which measures happiness per unit of resources consumed. Costa Rica is #1. The US is #103 just above nations of Africa.

When she shows her movie to an audience she says someone inevitably asks her "what can I buy?" (that would most help change this paradigm), which of course defeats the message. She tells them the best thing they can do is turn to someone in line at the cash register and ask them what social issues concern them and what change they would most like to see in their community. Then take them home to dinner.


  1. Stacy M. says:

    What she says is funny and inspiring!

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