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  1. why kamikaze..?(sighs..)
    (historical confliction wth jpn)

  2. Wow I didn’t know you have a youtuhe channel!!!!
    I recently checked out this book out from browsing my local library or
    lgbtq themed novels and this popped up! I and currently reading it and
    absolutely fell inloce with it within the first chapter. I hate reading but
    this kept me up till 2AM without blinking. I really appreciate what you
    have done and glad that you published many other novels with the lgbtq
    themes. I plan to read them all!!!! Thank you!

    -A very happy teenager.

  3. Looks good, I love reading romance! I look forward to reading it. When is
    it available?

  4. JayBellBooks says:

    @depfox I self-publish, which is a ton of work and very time consuming. I
    don’t recommend it for someone with young kids. With the traditional route,
    you send short letters to agents and publishers asking if they’re
    interested. Right now it’s much more important to focus on writing the
    book. The sales stuff can come later.

  5. JayBellBooks says:

    Thank you! I’m so glad you found David and Connor’s story romantic. *bear

  6. JayBellBooks says:

    Thanks, Matt! It’s amazingly cool that Something Like Summer is you
    favorite book. That means a lot to me! I hope you enjoy Hell’s Pawn, and
    Kamikaze Boys. I just uploaded a video of me reading from Kamikaze, if
    you’re curious. Frankly, you would probably have a better experience
    reading it yourself. 😀

  7. same here. i love those two books! I’ll get the rest eventually.

  8. Vynse Stakado says:

    This book broke my heart and then made it whole again

  9. ‘m reading the kamikaze boys for the second time and i have to say Jay, i
    truly love your book and “Something like summer!” Now i can’t choose which
    was better!

  10. Darth Sidious says:

    I just bought it on my kindle! It’s very nice of you to keep the price low.
    Only 3.99!!! I think you can do better, but this is an improvement from
    SLS’s $2.99 debut.

  11. Rene Trujillo says:

    Thanks Jay! Buying the Kindle version and starting it soon as I get out of
    work! 😀

  12. ABookByAnyOtherName says:

    Jay, is it weird that I mention you to all my friends. Like…too much.

  13. can’t wait to read it

  14. MrBoobelpoof says:

    You are so amazing – you open my eyes to so many things with your novels
    and have me crying for no good reason. This novel is heart breaking yet so
    satisfying at the end. I was bordering on the obsessive and had to force my
    self to take reading breaks. Most of all, it’s beautiful because I feel
    like I live this story. Thank you.

  15. I love the title. It’s awesome. ^_^ He is an awesome artist. ^_^ Gotta read

  16. JayBellBooks says:

    Thank you! That’s especially flattering coming from someone who loves
    Stephen Fry. He’s amazing! 🙂

  17. Wade Hamlin says:

    I loved the book sooooooo much!!! You are my most favorite author.

  18. roundandround14 says:

    If its anywhere near as amazing as Something Like Summer then I am
    definitely buying!

  19. Definitely going on my to buy list. I love all your books… which reminds
    me i still havent read the cat in the cradle since i bought it two months
    ago =/

  20. JayBellBooks says:

    @brentbraniff Yeah, I’m a workaholic these day. It’s also very therapeutic.
    In theory you should be able to order the book from any physical store.
    I’ve never tried it though. The paperback should be showing up on the
    Barnes & Noble web site if not. 🙂

  21. roundandround14 says:

    Ordered it this morning! Expecting it sometime this week. So excited. I
    really needed a new book.

  22. roundandround14 says:

    Finished it a couple of minutes ago. Oh My God! Probably one of the
    greatest books I’ve ever read. I love it so much. It was so romantic. Just

  23. Teri Hartmann-Thacher says:

    Just bought it for my Kindle…can not wait to read it! HUGS!

  24. JayBellBooks says:

    Oh, wow! Thank you! That’s so flattering. I’m honored you got so wrapped up
    in Connor and David’s life. I know what you mean about living the story,
    since I went through a lot that David did in the book. Being a gay teen is
    crazy, but at least it’s interesting! 😀

  25. @jaybellbooks You like stephen fry? You have just found a place on my list
    of favourite people……

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