Oprah and Obama supporters?

Question by thesweeteststar: Oprah and Obama supporters?
I told you OPRAH was into OPRAH these days…now do you believe?
18 hours ago – 3 days left to answer.

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Answer by mysharona
Oprah is trying to be a new age guru and Obama will take support where ever he can get it.

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  1. brothersaid . says:

    Okay, so go watch martha stewart, and vote for McCain…who cares? lol

  2. Oprah is teaching nothing but a cult. She ask the question “is God jealous of me?” Does she not know that God was speaking of putting other Gods before him? God was speaking of the very things that Oprah is spouting. She is unlearned in the reading and meaning of God’s Word. How sad she and the people (her church?) take so much of the Bible out of context without knowing the full text of what God is truly speaking about. it is so horrible that oprah uses her celebrity power to force her ideas on other people, and basically tells them what to believe. and it is even more sad how some people have no backbone to make their own choices. I usually don’t speak my mind on these things but I am ashamed that I use to think she was a good woman.

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