Oprah on The Secret

Oprah on The Secret

Start Here: http://LinkProsperity.com/LightWorker Oprah interviews teachers from the critically acclaimed movieThe Secret” as they share their experiences …
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What your cat really gets up to when it leaves the cat flap? In a groundbreaking experiment, 50 cats from a village in Surrey are tagged with GPS collars and…


  1. callum93eng says:

    People are fucking stupid, I loved it when Sam Harris explained how Oprah
    drawing attention to this was ”a irresponsible piece of journalism”.

  2. Ronald Santos says:

    powerful approaches to attract everything you desire

  3. BayviewFinch says:

    The Secret sucks. You’ll all forget about it in a few years, then give it
    a few more years and it will come back in a different form by a different

  4. VelvetGoldPictures says:

    Great show. Thanks for the upload

  5. John Cenataur says:

    James Ray led a ‘sweat lodge ” workshop in 2009 [ 10 k per person } where
    bullied participants to stay in the sweat lodge without food or water until
    2 actually died .
    Our spiritual warrior then fled into the wilderness offering no support
    whatsoever to the traumatised survivors .

  6. Sebastian Rivero says:

    poor girl i feel really sorry for her 23:00

  7. Christen Branca says:

    So true…

  8. CitizenAnonymous1 says:

    Oprah threw a working class shop girl under the bus to garner publicity for
    her movie The Butler. That’s no secret ..though Oprah would like it to be.
    Shame on Oprah.

  9. Trent Chi says:

    OMFudgeGod!!!!!! I’m Crazy for this!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~ It’s The Key not only
    to happiness,but also to wisdom~! to a World Of Freedom!~~~~~So,Use it! to
    open your heart,to let go all the fears~~~~~~You’ll be FREE,Truly,We’ll all
    be Free~~~~~~~let Love be the GOD~~~~~

  10. “The Secret” is nothing more than biblical principles applied.
    Ask, Believe, Receive. are the three principles of this Philosophy
    Yet God (through the bible) has already been saying this for centuries!
    With “The Secret” they explain everything as “The law of attraction”
    and to a great degree it is indeed true, but it’s totally selfish.
    It has nothing to do with helping others, or getting closer to God but just
    ourselves to get the things that we want, and with most people these things
    are money material things and possessions. They explain it like *you* are
    your own personal genie…
    All in all it’s bull_ _ _ _

  11. Sakshi Zion Gopal says:
  12. anton claudiu says:
  13. Sakshi Zion Gopal says:
  14. captainslaveman says:

    Oh God… Cats on cars… My worst nightmare. Lil swirl making, scratch
    implementing claws on a perfectly polished clear coat.. Expensive

  15. FowardMenace says:


  16. Kevin highfill says:

    at night my cat protects the border between here and the UNDERWORLD!!!!

  17. MineCat MC says:

    so many kitties! When I grow up I will have more then 50 cats…. I hope :)

  18. anne-marie c says:

    “cats are evolving to adapt to changing circumstances”. How quick they are
    to bring evolution into it! It’s not evolution, it’s adaptive behaviour.
    Evolution would be if they “evolved” (little by little) extra-smoothe fur,
    simply because that’s what humans want. I enjoyed this right until the end
    when they came to that silly, unscientific conclusion.

  19. Arthur Spina says:

    lol. little critters up to no good 

  20. Documentary Films says:

    The Secret Life of the Cat – Documentary The Secret Life of the Cat –

  21. Nazita Ibrahim says:

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