Personal experiences in growth of hair?

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Question by ;]]]: Personal experiences in growth of hair?
Okay, ive heard somethings can help such as
– Eating well
– Massage (scalp)
– Trimming
But have any of these ever worked for you, im interested to know if you have achieved the length or in the process of getting the length your aiming for – Id love to hear :
– What your doing
– Is it easy
– How long you’ve been doing this for
I understand that i will need alot of patience. Thank you in advance 🙂 xx

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Answer by porkchops
wash it daily and a positive attitude and ur good to go

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  1. xokristencullenbby:) says:

    Generally hair growth is a universal problem.You will need to get the right diet
    with enough protein and iron in your body for growth of your hair because hair is made up of keratin,a type of protein.The healthy condition of the hair depends, to a very large extent, on the intake of sufficient amounts of essential nutrients in the daily diet.Persons with a tendency to lose hair should take a well-balanced and correct diet, made up of foods which, in combination, should supply all the essential nutrients.Hair under stress is not vitalized.Tight braids or coils weakens roots and prevents hair from growing longer. Crash diets and low calorie foods could deprive the hair of vital nourishment,so do not eliminate fat and carbohydrates from your diet.A proper diet supplemented adequately by vitamins and minerals will optimize the genetic growth cycle. Any deficiency will be reflected in the volume and thickness of your hair.

    Home remedies are made at home and work out less expensive than other alternative forms of medicines.Generally, homemade remedies are harmless when compared to other forms of modern medicines and rarely cause reactions or side effects.

    1.Drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables is probably the best way to achieving healthy hair.

    2.Vitamins B, C, F, zinc, iron, copper and protein are essential for hair growth.

    3. Brush your hair gently with preferably wooden brushes to increase hair growth.

    4.Boil 1 cup of celery leaves with stems, strain and add juice of 1 lemon. You can
    rinse your hair with this after washing your hair. It makes your hair look healthy
    and lustrous.

    5.Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth so massage the oil once a week and soak for 30 minutes before washing.

    6.If one wants to grow hair, trim the hair once every month.

    7.Never brush the hair when it is wet.

    8.Massage aloe vera gel over the scalp and leave it for about one hour.After this rinse the hair with warm water. It gives amazing results for hair growth.

    9.Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea helps in hair growth

    10.Boil rosemary leaves in water and use this water while washing your hair daily to improve hair growth.

    11.Massaging your scalp vigorously with your fingers promotes hair growth.

    12.Rinsing your hair with one juiced lemon and one cup of water is said to bring
    life and shine back to dull hair.

    13.Rub olive oil into the scalp to promote hair growth.

    14.Massage the scalp with egg yolk, leave for 1 hour and wash.

    15.Brush your hair gently with preferably wooden brushes to increase hair growth. Never brush the hair when it is wet.

    16.If one wants to grow hair, trim the hair once every month, just the tips will do.

    17.It is possible that the side you sleep on most grows longer, stimulating the scalp causes good blood flow which help the hair to grow.

    18.Use flat beer to help prevent spit ends do it once or 2 times a month put it straight on your hair, wrap it in a towel for 1 to 2 hours and rinse out.

    19.Massage small amounts of fresh or canned coconut milk into the scalp and keep overnight if possible or at least for a few hours. This procedure will help hair grow longer, thicker and also make your hair look soft and shiny.

    20.Egg is excellent for the hair. It nourishes hair and adds shine. Whip up an egg and apply it to your hair once a week. Wash with a mild shampoo.

    21.You can try and include a few of these food in your diet to make your hair grow fast. Essential fatty acids are found in oily fish such as salmon and tuna, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. Mushrooms and cauliflower for Vitamin B. Oranges and tomatoes for Vitamin C. Olive oil, wheatgerm and Vitamin E.

    22.Your hair is what you eat. If you eat correctly and drink enough water, 80 percent of your hair problems are solved. Eat a healthy and a balanced diet rich in protein and minerals. Oil your hair regularly, include a lot of milk, almonds and greens in your diet and drink at least 12 to 14 glasses of water daily.

    23.Regularly cleaning and brushing the hair is very important. When the hairs are brushed, oil-producing glands in the scalp get stimulated. This natural oil makes the hair healthy.

    24.You should take plenty of green vegetables, fruits, sprouts, honey, cereals, nuts, grains, milk products, and no cholesterol-rich food in your diet. Eat fish if non-vegetarian or else take soybeans, and raw vegetable salads. Good balanced diet keeps your skin and hair healthy.

    25.An very effective hair treatment for dull lifeless hair can be made with 1 egg yoke, 1 Tbsp Olive Oil and 3 drops Vitamin E oil. Combine these, and apply on scalp and massage well for at least 10 minutes and soak for 30 minutes. Wash out with shampoo.

    Most hairs have a life expectancy of three to six years. Our genes determine the
    active period of the growth of hair follicles and this is different for different

  2. hairpro2 says:

    I have been using the NIOXIN products for about five years now. It makes your hair grow back by cleaning out the hair follicles. No more widows peaks.

  3. loveleighartist says:

    human hair only grows 1/4 – 1/2 inch per month on average. YOu can do all that other stuff…. but 1/2 inch per month is as good as it gets.

  4. purplehippppo32 says:

    trimming helps in getting rid of split ends and deadness and eating well does help.

    as for me, i never really get my hair trimmed (as my mother won’t take me to get it trimmed) once a year usually. im aiming for waist length. ive been doing this since spring of 2006, my hair has grown about a foot since then (with a few trims) i have split ends, and realized that this is actually kinda easy. make sure not to wring your hair, since it does encourage split ends. somehow, when i wasn’t conscious of growing it, it was easier.

  5. 9087654 says:

    All the things you mentioned help hair growth, but the one thing that is the most important is keeping it healthy. I have been growing mine for about one year and it is working! I used to have about chin length hair and it is now passed my shoulders. It is easy, because i dont have to style my hair as much! You just need a lot of patience and it is very frustrating not having gorgeous hair because i don’t use a lot of damaging products. I use Beautiful lengths shampoo by pantine pro-v and it makes my hair very thick and nice! Also, once a week use a hair mask to make your strands soft.

  6. Hey….I just joined this hair website called keep it simple sista and this website has different people from everywhere from natural hair care, to relaxed hair.It’s a blog, and Everyone on the website is either trying to grow their hair or trying to maintain heatly hair with a consistant regimen. I think you would enjoy it. The creator of the blog Tracy show’s her process and progress and her hair is beautiful….. The website is

  7. bigmanjonas56 says:

    If your indian you don’t need nothing cause your hair is the best ever.
    If your latina, asian or white mediterranean just use a good conditioner and a good diet.
    If you a white nothern and your hair is really fairy like thin, and you don’t have no latin, asian or indian ancestry then your fucked.
    If your a black with a nappy, without any latin, asian or indian ancestry then your unlucky.

    Hair is about genetics and all you can do will only get you a small growth. But don’t let me take you down, have faith and try to find something cause remember, I not in possesion of the all world’s knowledge.

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