pinoy romance novel covers 3

A few nice romance novel images I found:

pinoy romance novel covers 3
romance novel
Image by chotda
the zombie lohan editions–engkantada!

pinoy romance novel covers 1
romance novel
Image by chotda
the river phoenix/leo di caprio editions. not the rogue warriors, but the roque warriors!

Amish/Vampire romance novel
romance novel
Image by paige_eliz


  1. Sunshine Thuggery says:

    These are hilarious!!

  2. i don’t know where my cousin gets these–they all look used and abused, but people still buy them! i think for 50 cents each though. i think he’s getting a new shipment this week, i’ll dig around for more gems.

  3. Sunshine Thuggery says:

    Does your cousin read these things? Are they any good

    LOL! "Kahit Matagal"

  4. no, he sells them at his store. they’re in a styrofoam box, under the tomatoes, LOL

  5. Sunshine Thuggery says:

    LOL! These are still cracking me up big time.

  6. craftyexpat says:

    HA HA HA fantastic!

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