power of positive thinking ?

Question by DKNY D: power of positive thinking ?
How can I learn to do this ? I mean I am automatically been programmed to think negatively, I need help. I hate everything, everyone, and spreading like a disease.

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Answer by Wade Garrett
You have already started the journey toward positive thinking by asking this question, and “knowing” that you have been programmed to think negative, how exciting !! Many negative thinkers never reach this 1st stage of awareness and you have !!. You have to re-train the “way” you think. This takes years, but soon you’ll have a blast as you experience the “power” and “joy” that positive thinking brings. A small, but powerfull example is…you are riding in a car, and you or a passenger says “can you believe how many people throw trash out on the road, how disgusting !, you and others will likey buy into being offended and have a negative feeling. Stop, look for the positive, as in “yes, but imagine how many people drive down this road, dozens, hundreds a day maybe, and do not throw trash on the road, most people respect the land and I choose to focus on that”. Do this, and you have just rejected negative, and replaced it with positive. Once your mind learns to reject or replace negative, with positive, you are off and running but it takes awareness and concentration and lots of practice. After not to long, your mind will learn to do this automatically and it won’t take much effort. Very important, if you are surrounded by negative people, this will be very hard if not near impossible, as you will be bombarded with negativety. You must stay well clear of these types of people and unfortunately, the world is full of them. Do not have the illusion that you can surround yourself with only positive people as they are a minority. Being alone, is much better than being with the “toxic” or negative. This can be a lonely journey, because most people “look” for things to be offended at instead of things to be thankful for. Be careful about trying your new positive thoughts around the negative ones, as they may attack and ridicule you as in, “how dare you have positive thoughts and try for a better life, we want you to wallow in misery like us”. It is their way of saying they don’t want to take responsibility for their lives and if you do, it will increase their guilt that they are not. This may sound like a corny saying, but it is true and real “Change the WAY you look at things, and the things you look at change”. The most highest, intense suggestion I can make to you, to greatly speed up and understand this process toward positive thinking, is find and get audio CD’s, and books by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He is all about moving away from the lower, slower, destructive, negative energies, into the faster, higher, more loving and healing energies of spirit and positive thinking. Be careful not to get into “wishful thinking”, stay in reality. What you think, or focus on, you attract more of into your life, positive or negative. I myself am, and have always been a positive thinker and Wayne Dyer’s teachings have made my life even better. Now, go get em’ tiger, a new and wonderful life has just started for you, but remember, you must work at it and DO NOT lose your focus. Print this and hang it on a wall if you need to. Good fortune, and God’s speed my friend !!

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