Q&A: Do self-help books can help?

Question by Jim Lau: Do self-help books can help?
In China,Many self-help books have been published in these years and some of them were translated from American edition. I know they are always best-sellers in both countries. But many people in here don’t trust this kind of books. They think they’re just scams and can never help people. I just wonder the situation about this in your country. Have you ever read books such as Dale Carnegie’s things? And do you believe they can really help you if you follow the instruction?
Thanks a lot.

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Answer by Will To Power
Yes, the key is to have the discipline to “follow the instructions”.

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  1. I haven’t read any, but I’m about to start a workbook. Hopefully they work! Just keep your mind open, and go from there.

  2. The thing about self-help books is that you really need to try to make the changes. I have tried these books and if you are not 100% dedicated and really follow all the instructions, then they really are useless. However, if you really want to change and are ready to make significant changes to your life. They can help. I have had both positive and negative experiences and I am 100% honest about the negative (it was because I didn’t follow along all of the time).

  3. Asker Masker says:

    It’s like placebo effect. If you’ll believe in it, it will help. But I don’t like this kinda things because you need to follow it… It associates with being mindless to me. I detest everything what tries to forcefully change my mind.

  4. theretropete says:

    Self help books can help. Remember, however, if you can determine if the book can help you, you may not need the help. On minor issues, some self help books can provide valuable insights. Other self-help books are trash. If you are looking for specific help with a serious personal issue, I suggest you talk things over with a clergyman, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Be aware that some self-help books borderline on open invitations to join cults. There are many celebrities that have joined cults. I am sure that some have read science fiction books that are disguised as self help pseudo-religious (Dianetics by Hubbard) doctrines. Just be careful what you accept on good faith.You appear to have an inquisitive mind. Read lots of varying viewpoints. I think you will find your answer on your own.

  5. robert43041 says:

    I think it always depends on you, how you interpret the stuff. What you get out of it and how you apply that to your life depends on you. In my view they are advice books. They are of some help to some people, and a total waste for others

  6. Yes,they can help.It will enrich your vocabulary in life.It will help you discover the other aspects of yourself that need further improvement.It also makes you feel good because of the values as well as the lessons the author wanted you to know that in there is hidden magic in every mistake.

    I encourage you to read the book “Unleash your Full Potential by James Rick” http://www.fullpotential.com/about-james . I was once looking for a self help book when somebody online recommended me to read his writings.I say,I never got bored reading the book.

    The purpose of the Full Potential Philosophy is for living life at your best:Physically,Mentally,Spiritually,Socially and Financially.It teaches you the things you need to enhance I mean the areas you need to develop and how you can be productive.We all have hidden skills and we do need to have deep understanding about ourselves before we get our full potential.Life is temporary. Your existence – at least on Earth, has a beginning and an end. This fact urges you to be efficient about how you use time.And that what leads you to be productive.
    So what are you waiting for? ENJOY LIFE!!!!

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