Q&A: Wanting to write a romance novel, but dont have a story line?

Question by Steph: Wanting to write a romance novel, but dont have a story line?
I want to know what makes a good romance novel? I don’t want to copy off of any ideas, so if you could please tell me some suggestions that are helpful, or what you like to read in a romance novel, that would be great, thanks!

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bow chicka bow wow

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  1. the lone writer says:

    A magical duck steals a tiffany lamp from an evil penguin. However, the evil penguin and magical duck must team up when attacked by a group of cannibalistic carrot politicians

  2. ƪiɭyWɧiʈε ♥chibiϟ♥ says:

    Personally, in anything I’d read, I would like to see a good plot.

  3. As long as you stay away from the whole Love at First Sight thing, I think you’ll be fine. It’s more interesting when the characters don’t get along first and aren’t Mary Sue/Gary Stu perfect. I’m not a fan of romance, but I enjoyed Perfect Chemistry. Start with your characters and the plot will come to you as you write. Good luck.

  4. Katie Dulosh says:

    All those answers are stupid. What gender would the main character be? Here are the two options i would go by.

    A young man, around age 21. Got drunk at a party and knocked a girl up. He has a girlfriend. The pregnant girl finds him and is angry with him, planning on pressing charges. He decides to play it cool and pull some tricks on her and charm her into letting it go [he was obviously one of ‘those boys’ in high school.] As he is tricking her, he starts to fall for her. His girlfriend finds out, so on.

    Young girl, age 16. Abusive family, no siblings. Both parents are drunk. Has only one real friend [a boy, age 17.] In the beginning of the new school year, a boy transfers to the school. [age 17.] He is very popular and football player. He charms her into falling for him. Her best friend finds out and becomes very jealous, wanting to win her back, seeing as he is madly in love with her. From there, she has to make a choice.

  5. Ola Matagi says:

    I think you should be as original as you can be. We’ve had simply romance novels, romance novels with a twist of humor, romance novels with a horror background, romance novels in the mist of fantasy/sci-fi and romance novels with the essence of action. You need to stand out from the crowd with a message that is special to you and lay your story line on a setting and incident that is so abnormal but not absurd that it can be a good romance novel. With romance novels you have to get your readers to connect with the characters so if there’s something you need to develop it’s the characters.

  6. Delaney Wilbur says:

    I understand wanting to write a novel but if you take anyones suggestions before you have characters or plot line the story won’t be your own. You have to come up with your own initial idea so that you are personally invested in the novel before you start accepting suggestions from others.
    My suggestion is to keep a notebook or computer file where you can brainstorm character traits/backgrounds. As the list grows you can begin separating them to belong to individual characters. If you simply sit back and daydream about how your characters would react if they were to meet in different settings I can guarantee that several plot ideas will come to you.This is not a method I have tried myself but as a Musical Theater major, I use something similar to this as an acting tool to come up with a back story for characters when the show doesn’t explain the history between the characters. My friend who is a Creative Writing major at my school saw me doing this on the bus and redeveloped what I do into the method above and it has helped give her the inspiration for two of her short stories.

  7. Steph,

    Just think of the ways you would like to be romanced. Would it be a cabin in the woods, or a fine dinner at an expensive restaurant and then a walk in the moonlight? You have to put yourself into your character’s place. Think about what you’d want your date to say that would make you swoon with delight. Think of the pitfalls that come along with that kind of romantic life. Maybe someone else trying to weasel their way in. It’s pretty easy if you use yourself as a guide to your idea.

    PJ M

  8. Think about the common storylines and themes you’ve seen in popular romance novels and hollywood movies – and do the exact opposite! I hate convention. Do something different. My favourite is characters you’d never expect to end up together.
    Of course, it’s pretty hard to break with convention when it comes to romance. People love their happy endings. But I had a writing teacher to always said that if you’re are going to approach a subject that’s been done before (this was for journalism) – than you should make sure you are bringing something new to the table, a new perspective or a different spin on things. I think this advice can totally translate to fiction writing. Why write something that’s just a rehash of a story that’s been done before.
    As for some ideas, I think that it will be more meaningful and interesting for you if you come up with the ideas yourself. You need to start looking at things in your everyday life and asking whether they can translate into an interesting story. Once you start actively doing this you will find that cool ideas will really start coming to you. Observe things. Be a creepy voyeur and listen to people’s conversations on the bus and in coffee shops. Watch people in the park/on the street and try to invent an interesting back story for them. Sounds weird, but most people do a lot of people-watching without thinking about it.
    And write it all down!! Be a notebook addict and have one in all your bags, etc. Write down any ideas and then stew on them. A little contemplation can turn a tiny idea into an amazing storyline you love.

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