Q&A: what is personal growth and how do you measure it?

Question by squirrel4_97@yahoo.com: what is personal growth and how do you measure it?
I have my own opinions about this fundamental question, but I would love to hear from people all around, commenting on this.

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Answer by FILO
Things you acquire from school, society, family, occupation, and other forms of education. you measure it by the size of your penis with a tape measure. For women, the size of their hole. Good enough, yes?

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  1. setting goals and reaching them. you measure by success

  2. squirrelgirl749 says:

    wwwoooaahh… i just saw you’re squirrel 4 79 or something like that right? i’m squirrelgirl749… carazy. i guess now i’ll try and give my idea’s on your question 😛

    i think personal growth is just learning from the things you do in life and taking those lessons with you to make you a “better” person, or the person you asprie to be. it may take a few times w/ some lessons, but still. i think it is also being proud of yourself and accepting who you are and your environment and just trying to make the best out of things. i think ppl can learn though other people’s actions as well. how this could be measured though, i’m not sure.

  3. evildnalor says:

    Personal growth is doing things that benefit us as individuals, like listening to a podcast on quantum physics, taking part in politics, learning martial arts or taking a course in university. Also over coming challenges life throws at us increases our personal growth. You measure it by understanding who you are and what you have done. You measure it in others by how they act, compose themselfs and the knowledge they have.

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