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Question by Avatar Bender: Quote on Happiness – Explain?
The secret of happiness is not always do what you want but wanting what you always do.

I understand the quote, but I don’t really. Like if you had to write a short paragraph on this quote…how would you explain it? What is like a good analogy for this as well?

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Answer by EBA
Whatever you do, is your life. Just a job is a crazy misconseption, work takes most of our time! If we like and enjoy it we’ll be happier!!!

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  1. Nice Guy says:

    To rephrase the quote it means that the things you want to do may not always end up making you happy. On the opposite side the things you already do are more likely to make you happy, so seek the thing you already do to make you happy. An analogy might be deciding whether to go out with friends or spend time with your family. You might want to go out with friends but it is your family that is always there for you to provide happiness.

  2. Sama The Stalker says:

    This quote is saying that to be truly happy does not mean to always forsake all other things to do what your heart desires most, but to find a way to make the things you do every day the same things that make you happy. If you have all these crazy desires and wants and you’re going about day to day doing things, it becomes hard to keep that up. It’s hard to find the time, the money, and maintain personal relationships while going about it. However, if everyday things make you happy (enjoying a scenic drive to work, spending time with your family, warm coffee on a cold morning), it becomes much easier to be happy. Thus, happiness is wanting the things you always do and finding a genuine enjoyment in the mundane.

    It’s like the guy who has no wife, no kids, no friends, and travels all over the world seeing exotic places. He might find happiness in those things, but it’s difficult to maintain for long periods of time, and in his later stages in life he is significantly more likely to have regrets. The other side of this is the guy who enjoys his work, finds pleasure in the little things, has a wife and kids and loves spending time with them and being around them. Though he does those every day, they are what make him happy and they are what he truly desires. The second man has the true secret of happiness.

    Hope this helps your understanding a bit!

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