relationships cloud personal growth?

Question by Danni: relationships cloud personal growth?
I was in a relationship for almost four years and its been over since June. It was a very unhealthy one and i feel like there so much i want to change about myself. Ive been dating this new guy for almost three months and he treats me great i love the attention he gives me maybe i just like the idea of him but anyways i feel the need to be single i just want to concentrate on myself but i like him but not enough for a commitment even though i’m already in one. I’m twenty years old i feel like i need to just be single since i havent been since i was 16 but he really likes me and cares for me. Im just torn what to do.

I’ve been trying work on myself but it seems like being in a relationship is clouding my personal growth. what do you think i should do?????

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Answer by jellybean
Dani,stay single for awhile. Tell your new guy about your recent break up.Tell him you like him a lot,but are not ready to enter a committed relationship. You have to tell him.If he knows you feel this way he can date other people.He might be OK with it.

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  1. Nobody but you will ever stand up for you and decide that you need to take care of you in this way, so take yourself seriously and do what you need for you.

  2. do your thang girl but just realize that no matter how much he likes you now more then likely he is not goin to sit around waiting for you. Maybe this could be a good thing you might meet someone else so its up to you

  3. I feel what you feel Danni.In your case,since you are aware of it,try to set a limit between him and you(im talking about you personal growth in the future).Its usually like that when we have someone in our head but you know we can’t avoid it.However,if that guy really loves you,then show him that you also care for his attention.Dont disregard him coz it would end up like hes wasting his time on you.As of the moment,since you’re 20 years old,it is a must for you to concentrate more in your work/ studies and instead of making him as a problem to your personal growth,why not make him as your inspiration? Danni,you must also understand that love can wait,and I know what’s important now is for you to become a professional individual.I just dont like to see a girl who hasnt finished a degree, becomes a mother already which in fact is a big responsibilty.20 years old is way too young.if you have a job already then thats the time for you to build a family.Always control your emotions coz love sometimes can be dangerous and trust me,guys nowadays are only after for physical intimacy.If you wanna test his passion of love for you,let him wait.You can still be together.For the mean time,engage in platonic love.I think thats better.And stay positive everyday,pamper yourself and be beautiful in and out! You will really live life to the fullest!

    During your spare time you can also get a self help book.I recommend “Unleash your Full Potential by James Rick” .I was once looking for a self help book when somebody online recommended me to read his writings.I say,I never got bored reading the book.

    The purpose of the Full Potential Philosophy is for living life at your best: physically,mentally,spiritually, socially and financially.It teaches you the things you need to enhance I mean the areas you need to develop and how you can be productive.We need to have deep understanding about ourselves before we get our full potential.Life is temporary. Your existence – at least on Earth, has a beginning and an end. This fact urges you to be efficient about how you use time.And that what leads you to be productive.

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