running out of stuff to read, any one got any good romance authors to recommend?

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Question by Mom to Bella and Cade: running out of stuff to read, any one got any good romance authors to recommend?
Hey. i am very big into reading historical romance novels. typically ones set in the regency london time period. I have read so many of my favorite authors books already. and i’m running out of stuff to read. i need some idea’s for some new romance authors i could try. any one got any good ones to recommend? thanks much. Authors i’m already a fan of now are Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, Johanna Lindsey, Sophie Jordan, suzanne Enoch.

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Answer by JungianKafkaSquid
I find the novels of the Marquis de Sade quite heartmarming.


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  1. You could read Jane Austin, she wrote Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and more.

  2. Mom to a Beautiful Little Girl says:

    Oh I LOVE Julia Quinn and Suzanne Enoch!!!!

    Stephanie Laurens is AMAZING! She’s got a couple of series, the one I’m still working on is the Cynster series. I’m totally engrossed. I read about half the books once already but I read them randomly and now that I’ve got almost all of them I’m starting over with the first and I’m reading them through. They don’t all coincide in a time line that they need to be read “in order” but I’m OCD about it for some reason.

    There’s a couple more authors I love but I just moved so my books are all packed in boxes. I’ll see if I can get to them tonight or tomorrow to get you a couple more names. If I can’t get to them for a few days Stephanie Laurens is a great place to start, I love her stuff.

    Eloisa James seems good as well. I’ve only read one of her books so far, “Pleasure for Pleasure” but it was good and she’s got a few more I’m looking into.

    Victoria Alexander is another good one. I’ve read a few of hers as well.

    Kat Martin is decent and she’s got a lot to choose from. Some is more modern but she’s got historical stuff in there too and I’ve read quite a few of her historicals as well as couple more modern, she’s good.

    Susan Johnson, Brenda Joyce, all the ones I’ve listed I’ve read from.

    I have more boxes of books with more authors but I’m only able to get to the one I just opened, even so I think that’s a pretty good start.

    There’s a lot of good ones out there. A quick search on Amazon brings up a bunch more I’ve never even heard of. Tessa Dare is one. I’ve never heard the name but she gets rave reviews on the few books I just looked at on Amazon.

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