An after hours guide for getting the most out of Washington, D.C.



You didn’t come to a new city to go to bed at 10 p.m.

You came to explore, live it up and try something new. To make every hour count after the sun goes down in Washington, D.C., you’ll need more than a listing of the national monuments.

Here’s where to go (and when) if your weekend hours are anything but 9 to 5.

5 p.m. The Twisted Horn

It’s time to head to the before cocktails, also known as the pregame. Begin at Petworth’s new hot spot, the Twisted Horn. The drink menu is short but delicious, with the kind of craft cocktails you’d expect and also a surprising wine list. Read more…

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Bear rescued from bile farm is ready to enjoy life again after a 7-month recovery



When Tuffy the black bear first arrived at Animals Asia’s Tam Dao rescue centre in Vietnam last September, the little critter was in such bad shape that the vets didn’t think it would make it.

Tuffy was rescued from a bile farm where it was kept for years. Bear’s bile is a common ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Besides having to remove Tuffy’s gall bladder, the vets also treated the bear for fractured teeth and cracked paws.

After seven months of TLC, Tuffy is back in tip-top shape and can be seen in the above video enjoying its time at its new home.

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Washington Mudslide: The Dramatic Before and After



It’s been nearly a week since a mudslide swept the small town of Oso, Wash., leaving 25 dead — a figure that officials say will sharply rise over the next few days as they continue to search through the rubble for 90 people who are still missing.

Although local authorities said a 1.1 magnitude earthquake preceded the mudslide, officials from the U.S. Geological Survey on Thursday said it was not the cause. The Snohomish County landslide was mostly likely the result high rainfall and soil conditions that made the steep slope unstable — a perfect recipe for the dramatic event. Read more…

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After 5 Rejections, Apple Accepts App That Tracks U.S. Drone Strikes



Persistence, it turns out, does pay off. After rejecting it five times, Apple has finally approved an app that tracks every U.S. drone strike and sends a push notification to users every time a flying robot carries out a deadly mission around the world.

Josh Begley, the data artist and developer who made the app, finally got through Apple’s careful approval process on Friday, more than a year and a half after the first rejection by the company’s App Review Team

It took persistence, but it took also some semantic trickery. Begley got the app approved because he removed the word “drone” from the name of the app and from its description. For the first three attempts, it was called Drones+, then Dronestream for the last two. This latest, successful time, it’s called Metadata+, and Begley initially submitted it with no content or functionality, adding the archive of strikes later Read more…

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What is your opinion of Oprah refusing to have the Republican VP candidate on till after the election?

Question by Mystic Mutant – Hero for Hire: What is your opinion of Oprah refusing to have the Republican VP candidate on till after the election?
Since Oprah already endorsed Obama, she refused to have Palin on. Is there a reason for that? Could she be scared of what Palin had to say?

Best answer:

Answer by judo702
Endorsed Obama but she not putting anyone on her show.. Please get your facts straight. She can back someone without having them on her show.

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The Oprah Show HD - Clayton Moss, a boy who was chained up and tortured by his own family

A heartbreaking story of Clayton Moss who was chained up in a closet and tortured by his own family at age 6 years old.