using the law of attraction?

using the law of attraction
by wallyg

Question by : using the law of attraction?
what exactly is it? How do you use it?

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Answer by NoObama
It doesn’t work. Stop being desperate and find some initiative in your own life.

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Law of Attraction?

Question by trixie: Law of Attraction?
I’m a believer! What’s you point of view ?

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Answer by Wacko Jacko
I’ve never even heard of that kind of law. Only physics and stuff.

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Law of Attraction Explained

A few nice law of attraction images I found:

Law of Attraction Explained
law of attraction
Image by Earthworm
One of the books provided here at the cabin. This is the clearest explanation, I’ve come across, describing how the law of attraction works. And thus it lays bare the underlying flaws.

Here we have a lively story about two children who meet and learn from each other how to overcome adversity. Sara is a nice middle class girl with supportive parents who has a relationship with an owl that talks to her. She mets a resourceful and funny young man, named Seth, who is poor and whose parents burden him with chores and speak harshly to him, sometimes beating him but he has cultivated an inner wisdom that allows him to live in the moment.

Seth invites Sara to the secret treehouse he built for himself on the edge of some rich dudes land. Sara introduces Seth to her spirit owl. Comes the day that the landowner finds out kids have been swinging from trees on his land and he threatens to cut down the trees. Luckily the owl has taught them the law of attraction and how to mentally position themselves for an outcome that will be a win-win for everyone. So far so good. It’s enough to carry a nice story with likable characters through to the end.

But then you look back and think is that it? Is their own happiness all they have to concern themselves with? Is this book actually a danger for children in that it dismisses their compassion and focuses them on what they want?

When Seth first meets the owl he is invited to ask all the questions that have plagued him since childhood. Most of these have to do with why some families are fortunate and some are hit with tragedies, poverty and hardship. If left to himself, Seth would be well on his way to becoming a politicized, union hero.

The owl promises that all his questions will be answered one at a time, but he must first accept this one thing. "There is no injustice". We are not privy to Seth’s reaction to this statement, but apparently it has the effect of a magic spell for Seth never gives another thought to his questions and only has to wrestle with coming into the right frame of mind to make the magic of the law of attraction happen.

Since the law of attraction is the basis of so many inspirational talks geared towards entrepreneurs I feel compelled to skewer it. Especially since it is easily mistaken to be one and the same as the practice of "setting intentions" or in shamanic terms "dreaming the world into being". While hopefully these practices offer a bit more character building skills, the Law of Attraction literature offers no real practice to get to the optimum state of mind. Most of it is so full of theory that it just puts me to sleep.

Thus we have an entire culture of entrepreneurial problem solvers who can blithely ignore injustice and just concentrate on avoiding anything that might be a buzz kill to envisioning a win-win scenario.

It is easy to be cynical about this sensibility because people embracing this creed make such unsatisfactory colleagues. Any unpleasant news or systemic problem I might bring up about how unjust the world is, is met with silence. And when things don’t work out for them they simply hide out. I have seen women succumb to depression and refuse to tell the truth about themselves until they get well enough (or find a better anti-depressant) to jabber on again about their vision for a wonderful outcome for themselves.

The law of attraction provides a slippery slope into self-blame on the one hand and righteousness on the other. Piled on top of a Christian birthright of self-blame and righteousness, it may offer some relief at first, but then doesn’t have enough substance to shore it up. Yet there is certainly truth to the concept that a positive frame of mind brings about a chance for a better outcome. It’s just not enough to stand alone as a spiritual path. Books about it, however, often make their authors rich. This children’s book series is by the same couple who provided source material for the insipid movie and book The Secret. But I didn’t know this when I picked up the book.

And The Secret attracted so much ridicule it was pretty much the death knell of the Law of Attraction, but it is so seductive in it’s appeal to the ego, it will come up again in a more sophisticated form.

the law of attraction
law of attraction
Image by Brenda Cooper

LAW OF ATTRACTION — The secret of life | better explained ( Full Documentary attractions )

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What is the the Secret law of attraction?

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Question by John S: What is the the Secret law of attraction?
Anybody know the secret of Law of attraction

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Every person looks for a mate to reproduce good offspring to keep
their genetic traits living. That might not be on their thoughts but it
is nature for people to be this way. When people go to sperm or egg
banks they want all the info on the donor that can be had. That is a
clue to what attraction is in humans.

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Q&A: Law of Attraction?

Question by adam: Law of Attraction?
Please tell me stories of amazing things you have attracted since you have known about this. preferably positive things

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Answer by Sid
The Law of Attraction is an idea that is widespread in New Age and New Thought philosophy. It posits to never dwell on the negative, as the metaphysical principle of life is embodied in a “law of attraction’: “you get what you think about, your thoughts determine your destiny.” [1]

Dick Sutphen affirms that the Law of Attraction states, in a nutshell, is like attracts like.[2]

Books have been written on the subject by Michael Losier, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Penny Jordan, Sheryl Woods, Robert Anthony[3], Kristi Gold, Liz Gerstein, Sandra Anne Taylor, Ernest Holmes, William Walker Atkinson, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Collier, Israel Regardie, Mark Allen[1] and Lynn Grabhorn[4].

One web site offers contacts with business, spiritual and life coaches who include the “Law of Attraction” in their approach. [5]

Esther Hicks, a professional channel, is one of the best-known proponents of the subject. Her web site describes it as “The most powerful law in the universe.”[6]

In March 2006 a film The Secret based on, and explaining, the “Law of Attraction”, was broadcast through the internet. [7]

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Fulfill Your Heart’s Desire by using the Law of Attraction

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the law of attraction?

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Question by Juliana: the law of attraction?
i’m some what struggling with being happy, i need to know that the law of attraction has worked for someone, its a bit of reassurance i guess. so anyone? has the law of attraction worked for you? if so, how?
please im in desperate need of hope

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Answer by Bob
The law of attraction is nonsense

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There is so much to learn from men like Jack Canfield that have so much wisdom that is relevant today in our post modern world.
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when day dreaming do you use the law of attraction?

using the law of attraction
by wallyg

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Question by Heather A: when day dreaming do you use the law of attraction?

when you day dream about what you want are you using the law of attraction

like say you want idk uhm a boyfriend are you using the law of attraction

(no i dont want a boyfriend i have one just an exmaple)

Best answer:

Answer by Lioness
Clarify, please. Your question is too vague.

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