How an awareness of learning style can aid personal development?

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Question by : How an awareness of learning style can aid personal development?
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Answer by Kim L.
This has something to do with your conduct in the public and how you adapt the changes in your sorrounding.Basically,if you’re aware about your actions and how it affects them and If you know how to conform the norms in the society, that can aid to personal development. Specifically,if you want to be somebody for example ,you must be a keen observer.You must look how he/she brings him/herself at the very best.Dont be a copycat.Before you do/say something,think first and imagine what would be the reaction of people if they see you do something like.With that,you can conclude what’s good and what’s not.Apart from that, always think positive. Being optimistic makes you feel happy and determine in every thing you do. Learning is a never ending process. You tend to realize from your mistakes and internalize that for every mistakes you commit,there’s always a room for improvement.Personal development is likely link to self confidence also.You may find it hard if you keep thinking negative about yourself.If you focus on that bad side of yours,then other personal aspects might be affected too.The people around you,will respond to what you act.You are the stimulant of the event.Don’t let it destroy all your other beautiful qualities,instead learn to accept it.Confidence is always the key but don’t forget to set limit.Just be patient.Basically, it takes time for somebody to adapt the changes but once you’re used with it, you might find yourself at ease.Just don’t make things complicated if you don’t want problem.Minor issues become bigger issues if you focus too much on it.If that small issue isn’t of BIG importance,then get rid of it.However,if you find yourself insatiable,then find a place where you can shout every thing that’s on your mind.Thats a great way to alleviate your worries.Always think good of yourself,in that way you always feeling good in everything you do.Try it.It works….:-)

I recommend you to read the book “Unleash your Full Potential by James Rick” .I was once looking for a self help book when somebody online recommended me to read his writings.I say,I never got bored reading the book.

The purpose of the Full Potential Philosophy is for living life at your best: physically,mentally,spiritually, socially and financially.It teaches you the things you need to enhance I mean the areas you need to develop and how you can be productive.We need to have deep understanding about ourselves before we get our full potential.Life is temporary. Your existence – at least on Earth, has a beginning and an end. This fact urges you to be efficient about how you use time.And that what leads you to be productive.

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