Facebook Has Spent $22 Billion on Acquisitions. That’s Equal to the GDP of Uganda.



Media juggernauts in today’s technology sector don’t hold back when it comes to spending top dollars on rising startups

Facebook in particular has spent a whopping $ 22 billion-plus on disclosed acquisitions since its inception in 2004WhatsApp, Instagram and 45 other companies are now under Facebook’s belt. It didn’t take Mark Zuckerberg very long to realize buying other companies is the best way to grow his own

The folks at Marketo created an infographic comparing the $ 22 billion-plus sum to the gross domestic products of countries, the net worth of celebrities, the price of making movies and values of professional sports teams. Take a look below: Read more…

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Nokia Shareholders Approve $7.2 Billion Microsoft Acquisition



Nokia shareholders have approved a $ 7.2 billion Microsoft buyout on Tuesday, The Financial Times reports

Some smaller shareholders are protesting the sale, but 99.7% of the investors present at a company meeting in Helsinki voted in favor of the acquisition.

Microsoft announced in September 2013 that it plans to acquire Nokia’s devices and services business for $ 7.2 billion in cash. As part of the agreement, Nokia engineers and CEO Stephen Elop joined Microsoft

The deal follows a partnership between the two companies, announced in 2011, in which Nokia all but gave up on Symbian as its primary smartphone OS, focusing instead on Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system Read more…

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