Google Is Making It Easier for Developers to Build Android Wearables



With wristband fitness trackers, smartwatches and other tech wearables gaining massive traction, Google will be making it easier for developers to create these types of devices for its Android platform.

Sundar Pichai, Google senior vice president of Android and Chrome, announced at the SXSW conference in Austin on Monday that the company will release a SDK (software developer kit) later this month, The Guardian reports. With an SDK, developers would finally have a guide to building wearable tech that runs Android, which up until now has been ad hoc (the first Galaxy Gear ran Android).

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The Kids Behind @HistoryInPics Are Trying to Build a Legit Business



Eric Damier drove to the hotel in Los Angeles to pick up his business partners, Xavier Di Petta and Kyle Cameron, both of whom are barely old enough to drive legally. Damier, more than a decade older than his passengers, took the group to lunch at a Cheesecake Factory where they dined on steaks

That meeting, which took place earlier this month, marked the first time the three cofounders had met face-to-face in the five years they’ve known each other. The three have hustled their way to something resembling a business, which is based on their ability to get YouTube videos and Twitter accounts to go viral. Part of becoming a legitimate business means moving closer to one another and having more face-to-face interactions like this one instead of their usual mode of communication — Skype. Read more…

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How do I use recording video of myself to build my self confidence?

Question by Craige: How do I use recording video of myself to build my self confidence?
I’m someone who want to be more articulate both in speaking in front of audiences and on camera. I am reading Speak To Win by Brian Tracy, but for on camera I need a book or exercises to do to aid in that regard.

I am aware I should speak of what I know but would also like any specific exercises to make video making a habit.

Any books or exercises that I can do?


Best answer:

Answer by blueiis
Find a Toastmasters meeting near you. You will learn to speak in front of others. There is nothing like the real thing to help your confidence rather than at home by yourself.

They are a group of people of all ages. They will critique your speech and you will critique theirs. It’s a great experience and I think you’ll learn a lot!

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