The Kids Behind @HistoryInPics Are Trying to Build a Legit Business



Eric Damier drove to the hotel in Los Angeles to pick up his business partners, Xavier Di Petta and Kyle Cameron, both of whom are barely old enough to drive legally. Damier, more than a decade older than his passengers, took the group to lunch at a Cheesecake Factory where they dined on steaks

That meeting, which took place earlier this month, marked the first time the three cofounders had met face-to-face in the five years they’ve known each other. The three have hustled their way to something resembling a business, which is based on their ability to get YouTube videos and Twitter accounts to go viral. Part of becoming a legitimate business means moving closer to one another and having more face-to-face interactions like this one instead of their usual mode of communication — Skype. Read more…

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Recommend 1 book to grow my MLM business?

Question by LawrenceT: Recommend 1 book to grow my MLM business?
I am an Ignite Managing Director. I have been doing pretty well since joining in the last 4 months. Like any educated person, I want to learn as much as possible (I have an engineering background and do that full time so I’m new to business approaches). Since this is my side business, I want to learn from the best and want ONE book to read for right now.

What is the BEST book out there that deals with growing a MLM business? (Please just 1 recommendation)

I’m assuming it has to deal with sales approaches, marketing, mindsets…. I’m very open and just want to absorb as much as I can but wanted to start off learning from the best.

Ignite is restricted to Texas and deals with electricity so my I’m restricted to how I can market online/offline.
I’m currently reading Ann Seig free ebook

Best answer:

Answer by mannymota
Launching A Leadership Revolution
by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

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Does anyone remember the name of a reality tv show where a man runs a business where his wife and step-daughte?

Question by Matt L: Does anyone remember the name of a reality tv show where a man runs a business where his wife and step-daughte?
Does anyone remember the name of a tv show where a man runs a business where his wife and daughters seduce men to bust them for cheating? It was on several years ago, I don’t remember what channel.

Best answer:

Answer by Frox of Falk
The Honey Trap.

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How Being Shy Is Emptying Your Wallet!

secret spy

It’s true.

Being shy has some serious drawbacks!

Some drawbacks directly related to your pocketbooks.

It has been proven that people who are more confident enjoy the finer things… like better jobs, better relationships and more importantly…


That alone is enough reasons to look into a cure…. like…. NOW!



And, since I know firsthand what it’s like to be blessed with bashfulness in an office environment — I’d like to help. Today we’ll examine how shyness comes in all shapes and shades (i.e., the difference between an introverted personality type versus a diagnosis of social anxiety disorder) and explore some expert-approved tips on breaking free of that beautiful shell. The Basics of ShynessFirst off, let me remind you that shyness isn’t something to be ashamed of.