Show Off Your Writing Chops for B.J. Novak in Our Twitter Fiction Contest



Forget about the Great American Novel. Nowadays, people are arguably more focused on composing the Great Global Tweet, which is not something to be taken lightly. In just 140 characters, you have to communicate intelligence, humor, wit or, ideally, some combination. Some take the next step and compose entire stories in under 140 characters. It’s a challenge, but one we think the Mashable community is up for: This month’s Twitter Fiction Contest will give you a chance to prove yourself.

Author and comedian B.J. Novak explores a range of human emotions in his debut short story collection, which is also this month’s MashableReads selectionOne More Thing: Stories and Other Stories is both profound and hilarious, satiric and honest. Novak also challenges the conventional length of short stories; after all, in the 21st century, why does a story have to be any longer than a single tweet? Read more…

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