what is a good way to control someone?

Question by manzoc92: what is a good way to control someone?
Almost in a colonial manner.Just curious.

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Answer by Sonny
Huh? You can’t control anyone else. Even if it appears you are controlling someone, it was them that first allowed you to. Especially in relationships.

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Am I getting out of control with my bank accounts?

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Question by Don’t shop, ADOPT!: Am I getting out of control with my bank accounts?
I feel compelled to subdivide my money. I don’t just have a checking and money market.

I have my Checking-Leisure account. I have my Checking-Household Expense account. I have my Savings – Vacation account. I have my Savings – Emergency account. I have my Money Market – General account.

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Answer by John

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Baking can keep you tethered to the kitchen for a good few hours, but a new GE app upgrade lets you keep tabs on what’s cooking while you’re out running errands.

Four Wi-Fi-enabled GE wall ovens already allow users to control the temperature, set the timer and monitor the cooking status via an app. Now, a new app update lets users control the oven even when outside the house.

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