All Women Fall Into One Of These Five Categories – Study Them

online dating profile pictureA recent study proves that women fall into only 5 general categories.

Understand, learn and study these personality types and you will be one step ahead when trying to approach women.

Especially when dating online.  You can easily read the woman’s profile and already have an idea of what type she may be.


1. Trailblazers: Big spending, career-focused and individualistic women who consume a variety of media including entertainment on multiple platforms.

2. Passion-istas: Women who live for the moment.

3. Social-Siders: Experts in social-networking who treat TV as a social activity.

4. Peace-Keepers: Fiercely loyal consumers who stick to their favourite brands and TV shows (this group seeks stability in their lives).

5. Heart-Warmers: These take pride in and spend on their family.

Knowing what type of women you are talking to before you send that first message online will greatly increase the chances of you getting an actual reply.

Test it out and let me know your results.

What to say to a girl online – First Message

what to say to a girl onlineIf you want to know what to say to a girl online for your first message, I would HIGHLY suggest you watch the video below…. and proceed to do the EXACT OPPOSITE!


The kids are insane!


The majority of the time pick up lines just don’t work.

To get a girls attention online your very best bet is ALWAYS going to be humor

The Secret On How To Make A Girl Laugh | How To Impress A Girl

Why do girls like a guy with a sense of humour

a sense of humourWhen you go on a date, both of you might have only met several times, and you don’t have any idea what the other likes and dislikes. In such an uncomfortable situation, if you could find some interesting topic to talk about and share something in common so as to make the atmosphere more relaxing, a sense of humour is universal. And if you can ease the awkward atmosphere and turn it into a more pleasing and enjoyable one, the girl will share her interests with you on the date. And the bright and witty characters will bring the two of you closer. No one likes to sit on a bench gazing at each other without a word being spoken. Use your thoughts to turn restrained and dreary air into a lively and cheerful situation.

The point is, women like to have a good time.  And making her laugh is a great way to let her know she will have a good time with you.

So if you ever get stuck with what to say to a girl online for your first message… JUST DONT BE BORING!

That’s it!  You win!

Want To Get A Girlfriend? Avoid The “Friend Zone”

The friend zone chart

Want to learn how to get a girlfriend? Stay the hell out of the friend zone!

It has been a popular debate for some time that you should be friends with a girl before you date if you want her to eventually become your girl friend.

Even popular sites like WikiHow are promoting it with this recent article


Be friends with her. This girl isn\’t just suddenly going to like you out of the blue. If you have a lesson in the same building, try “accidentally” bumping into her. apologize, smile and try to start a conversation. pretend you\’ve forgotten her name so you can introduce yourself properly. Eg: “oh, sorry! hey, i\’ve seen you round before. what\’s your name again? well susie, my name is____. what lesson are you going to?”  once you\’ve had a conversation with her, she\’ll be thinking about it for a good while afterward. Don\’t keep bumping into her every chance you get; she\’ll find this very annoying. instead, try talking to her friends and joining one of the club\’s she is in (only do this at the beginning of a term or try joining with one of your friends so it seems less weird).

Man, I just STRONGLY disagree with this!

Yes, in a perfect world maybe.

In most cases though, the longer you are friends . . .. .  the longer you are friends.


That is why you should just start with online dating. Online it is already understood.  You are all there for the same reason.

If you opened up a new resturant what would you rather have:  A really great design and the brightest sign…. or be placed in the middle of a hungry crowd?

Your call


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