Netflix launches, a dead simple way to test your Internet speed



Now that watching video is one of biggest uses of the web, the speed of your connection has never been more important. 

To that end, Netflix, one of the primary sources of what the entertainment industry calls over the top (OTT) content, launched a tool on Wednesday that lets you test your Internet speed.

This isn’t any old website. The company cleverly managed to snag the most appropriate domain out there: That’s one of the best domain names — for any service — you could possibly have. 

No technical knowledge is needed. Simply visit and the site immediately starts calculating what your current Internet download speed is Read more…

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Ebola Outbreak Leaves 70 Dead in Guinea, Senegal Closes Its Border



An outbreak of Ebola that has already killed 70 people prompted Senegal to close its border with Guinea on Saturday in hopes of preventing the deadly virus from spreading.

Senegal officials closed the border, as well as a popular market that attracts people from the neighboring countries, according to the Associated Press.

Most of the cases were reported in the southern portion of Guinea, a country in west Africa.

While outbreaks are not entirely uncommon in certain parts of Africa, confirmation that the virus had spread to Guinea’s capital city of Conakry caused serious alarm, Reuters reported. Authorities said those infected had been put into quarantine. Read more…

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