a quote about beating depression/motivational quotes?

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Question by alexa: a quote about beating depression/motivational quotes?
hey! im lookinf for a short quote (few words as possible) to get as a small tattoo about overcoming depression/keeping strong/not letting this win/suriving/ etc cheers

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Answer by Mariel
Listen to Sia’s Breathe Me or check out some Tumblr.com quotes..
“she will continue to smile no matter how hurt she is”
I’ve been asked what are reasons to remain alive even though my parents are dead and I am a loser.. I responded with this :

Six billion people on earth, and you are the original you out of all of them. Nobody can see life from your unique perspective, you are a valuable person, and everybody else on earth will never think like you. You are special, very special. Someday somebody’s gonna reach out for help, and if you aren’t there, they won’t get the help. That’s your destiny, and any day you could see the meaning behind why you are here. Focus on the misery outside your own little world, and you will find there is a lot of work to do, and who better to handle it than you, who understands misery? Your parents’ lives are in you, if you kill you, you kill them all over again. You were their hope. You have to think about the beauty inside of that. You can turn the problems in your life around with a little determination, all of us are losers before we become winners. You are at the bottom, nowhere to go but up. Fight the pain, it’s only temporary because things always change. Face those changes and be a part of them or you can be them yourself. Possiblilties are limitless but if you are gone then they are not…Take a deep breath, look around, look at yourself and at the world and look at how great it is to feel the blood in your veins and the great feeling when you just had a good meal and the great feeling when a song you really like comes on the radio or when you have a meaningful conversation with someone. You can still love, and love is the best feeling in the world. You can’t love when you aren’t around. Life is all feelings, death is an absence of all feeling. If there is nothing to live for, what is there to die for? Death is the end. Someday we all go, why not wait to see what good can come? Stay strong.. XO
Hope this helps 🙂

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