80 Tornadoes Hit – Extreme weather in Indiana and Illinois

Sisi walks in the room.  There is a confused look on her face.  She asks me have I heard anything about the weather.

I throw a confused face back at her. 

“It was cold yesterday, and hot and raining today… that’s the best I can do” I says.

“Well I just got a frantic call from one of my friends asking if we are ok” Sisi responds

Just moving from California to North Carolina only a couple weeks ago, we had forgotten we are no longer immune to weather emergencies like we were in Sacramento.

The fact that we never watch the news.. or TV in general for that matter.. doesn’t help at all.

So we are the last ones to find out there was somewhere around 80 tornadoes over the last 2 days!

In an attempt to share some of the footage and pictures… I think I broke the site.  Not sure what is happening below.. but I swear there is some news in there somewhere!


Originally from : http://www.weather.com/news/tornado-central/midwest-tornado-outbreak-20131118

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