Cure Your Facebook Addiction With Electro-Therapy

Facebook shock therapyI can’t make this stuff up!

I wish I could!

That’s right. It has gotten bad.  So bad.  Facebook is ruining out lives.

Drastic time call for drastic measures!

The only way to stop us from spending so much time of Facebook is a new invention that will shock you when you are on the website!

Brilliant right?


What do you think

Facebook Shock Therapy

MIT PhD students Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff have invented a device called Pavlov Poke that actually shocks the user’s wrist when he or she spends too much time on Facebook. Yup. Zap!

The name “Pavlov Poke” references Ivan Pavlov’s famous conditioning experiments with dogs and Facebook’s infamous “poke” feature. Clever name, indeed. McDuff says the shock is “unpleasant, but it’s not dangerous.” Whew, glad to know it won’t kill us.

The inventors admit their technology is meant to be humorous, but there’s no denying that Facebook can be a real time suck, overloading us with useless posts from friends and sometimes negatively affecting our self-esteem.

Morris and McDuff even filmed an infomercial explaining the device.

But if electric shock isn’t for you, the inventors created an alternative system: verbal abuse. Seriously. Someone will call and berate you — for a small fee, of course. It’s called Pavlov Poke (Phone Edition).




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