what is your favorite inspirational movie?

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Question by freetowitnis2002: what is your favorite inspirational movie?

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Answer by Matt
The pursuit of happyness.

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What’s your alltime favorite inspirational movie?

Question by Phils fan ~ 2008 WS CHAMPS!: What’s your alltime favorite inspirational movie?
And quote from it?
I’m sad and down haha time for a pick me up!!
I am 🙁
and aw i’m sorry, smile!
aw thank you 🙂 i’ll try!
smile’s alway make me feel better, so thanks again! =)

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Answer by Alien
You’re sad? me too.
I suggest movies like..
Rocky –

Crime Spree-
“No smoking, no drinking? What kind of country is this?”
(Crime Spree is my favorite movie. Gives me the reason to smile. Features awesome actors and they make fool of themselves.)

It’s a nice movie to when you need to laugh alone.

Home Alone (every depressing christmas, I watch this)

Martian Child
I watched this movie just yesterday, and the movie was really cute. A science fiction writer adopts a weird boy who thinks he is from Mars. They bond together as a father and son.

My father the hero (hilarious)
My favorite french actor features in this movie too. Gérard Depardieu. He finally has time to bond w/ his daughter together in a nice vacation island. And people think that he is a rich guy from France and a pedophile. All he is trying to do is to please his moody teenage daughter.

Last holiday
A typical romance movie. Very predictable but I thought it was cute. A middle aged woman w/ crappy job finds out she only has 30 days to live. She shines that 30 days!

Nobel Son
Alan Rickman, the guy who plays snape in harry potter is also my favorite actor. He plays a complete jerk in this movie. I really liked it.

Spirited Away
To escape from reality, you must watch this animation. Well known and won the oscars.

Tais Toi!
A french film. Features Gérard Depardieu and Jean Reno. It made me smile alot.

Haha, I was laughing so hard at the beginning. It makes you appreciate foreign films even more.

I’m sorry about the lack of quote. But it’s really worth watching these movies. Rocky series are too long so I suggest you watch other movies in the list.
To make you smile a bit. Cheer up. I’m going to cheer up too.

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What are your favorite romantic comedies/romantic movies?

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Question by I♥MB20: What are your favorite romantic comedies/romantic movies?
I absolutely adore romantic comedies. My favorite movie of all time is P.S. I Love You.

It’s one of those movies that makes you laugh, cry, smile and fall in love all over again. It has the most unique plot. And hey, you gotta admit that Gerard Butler is pretty easy on the eyes too ;))

What is your favorite Romantic Comedy and 3 reasons why? No rude answers please. Have fun! And thanks for your input.

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Answer by Jema
Shaun Of The Dead

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What is your favorite teen romance novel?

Question by : What is your favorite teen romance novel?
I’m 15 years old and I love reading. I’ve ran out of books and am looking for recommendations for a great teen romance novel.

I’ve read the Twilight series (who hasn’t) and am quite sick of vampires.
I’ve read most Sarah Dessen novels, Libba Bray’s, The Luxe series and others.

Suggestions are much appreciated, thanks! 🙂

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Answer by Joseph M.
I haven’t read anything with teen romace, but so far yea Twilight I guess.

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What is your favorite type of romance novel?

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Question by amberautry86: What is your favorite type of romance novel?
I am going to be a romance novelist, and I am about 1/3 of the way done with one of my books. I would like to know from readers what their favorite type of plot, or things you like to read, in a romance novel? What are your favorite emotions to feel while reading?

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Answer by Holli
I’m in love with Vampire Romance novels like Lyndsey Sands and Mary Janice Davidson.

They aren’t Twilight copies … it’s light porn with a bite to it 🙂

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