Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ video is an LA dance party



If Justin Timberlake’s new single were a PSA, the message would be to just keep dancing. 

Since the start of Timberlake’s career, music videos have become vehicles for storytelling and evolved into full-length films, but for “Can’t Stop the Feeling” lets the music talk so all you have to do is dance.

Timberlake and 14 others – normal people, just like us! – jam to the song around Los Angeles, from solo performances in laundromats and outside fast food joints to loosely choreographed steps under a highway overpass.  Read more…

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Feeling guilty about using Law of Attraction…?

Question by Starlight: Feeling guilty about using Law of Attraction…?
I think this is an interesting concept, and is working with certain health problems in my life, but I just….I always feel so selfish when wanting a certain guy to come to like me. I always wonder if they are meant for someone else, not me, and if it works, did I just take away their future? I just can’t bring myself to use it like that. Suggestions??

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Answer by Back to Skydancer.
I feel that as long as you wonder IF they are meant for someone else, or if it will work, or if you’ll be a negative influence in their life as would have brought a better future for him, you’ll be placing a negatively intervening clause into the Law of Attraction.
Without the Law of Attraction even being what you are practicing through – for what results you’d desire – the situation, should you include all these doubts and apprehensions, they’d become the extra weight which will drag your possibilities down.
You’ll develop a self-fulfilling prophecy, the more your doubts and lack of self-confidence continues to more and more overwhelm the situation with what will become obstacles.
Once the obstacles accumulate, Boadicea, your chances that your wish for a working meaningful and successful joining with the one you show a wishful interest for – such obstacles will undermine the possibility of want you want come to be – will begin to diminish and f great shadow of “should THIS be” – obscure what could have become, if there had been less of your doubt intervene, and whittle down little by little, what the Law of Attraction, should have been given more justice as to make come true, happen.
So, do not ask these self defeating questions anymore.
Try to practice positive thinking toward and during the whole of the exercise. When a doubt comes in to divert the intention of your focus on positivity, do this: Think whatever you suddenly may come to think again
as a thought placed into a square – where such a thought is placed to be contained with borders all around it – then, take an imaginary red X and draw it from your mind, over the negative thought, to visualize it ANNULLED!
Continue to do this, until the doubts are no more than edited, contained thoughts into a space which once crossed and, fallen to the floor – having been rejected for having no importance – no validity.
And once these rejected examples of negativity contained are collected, but on the editing floor – visualize
what thought replace the former, which are of positive announcement.
Good Luck!

I nearly forgot. But the Law of Attraction’s mandate is that you MUST believe in yourself, in order to upkeep/have it succeed : YOU MUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!
Anything less places a question mark and hesitation within your quest to find, gain, and maintain what you’ve desired.
Feelings of guilt will intervene – will obscure the most possible to become Probabilty, Bodicea.

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What is similar about feeling depressed and feeling of falling in love?

Question by Roman Singh Karki: What is similar about feeling depressed and feeling of falling in love?
What is similar to feeling depressed and the feeling of falling love?
my friend and i were discussing this after our psych course last week, and we were wondering if the feeling of being depressed and the feeling of falling in love had any similarities? either getting to that emotion, the cause of that emotion, the affect on that individual, and so on…. we all know theyre seemingly two contrasted topics, but are they alike in anyway? how?

we’re interested in what you come up with. thanks :]

Best answer:

Answer by Caroline
Your heart hurts in both/ like tingled or burns

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