Your labrador can’t help but beg for food. Really, it’s in his genes.



When your dog looks up at you hopefully with big, sad eyes, begging for a treat, it can be hard to say no  in spite of your best intentions for restricting your pet to a healthier diet.

And one dog breed tests their owners more frequently, with more persistent begging than other breeds, according to a new study.

Labrador retrievers were found to be more inclined than other dog breeds to beg for treats, and to generally engage in behaviors related to getting more food. And the reason lies in their DNA, researchers found.

The study’s lead author, Eleanor Raffan — a veterinary surgeon and geneticist at the University of Cambridge in England — told Live Science that she was inspired to explore labrador obesity because she was seeing an unusually high number of overweight labs in her veterinary clinic. Read more…

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We taste tested convenience store food so you don’t have to



Who even eats this stuff?

Convenience store snacks, from microwaveable burgers to hot dogs, are hardly cheap and far from appealing, yet someone out there must be chowing down. Out of mere curiosity, I thought it’d be a smart idea to try out these possible abominations. After all, I could be missing out on a gem of a snack.


Image: mashable australia

To start, I chose three of the least appetising meals from the 7-Eleven fridge, the roast chicken roll, the double cheese burger and the hot dog. In addition, I picked two slightly more appealing options, a meat pie and sausage roll. Read more…

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