3D-Printed Accessories That Make Google Glass Even Dorkier



Google Glass has been blasted as nerdy, dorky and just plain ugly

For Todd Blatt, none of those descriptors seemed to hit hard enough. Last year, Blatt — an early Glass explorer who also designs and sells 3D-printed goods online — set out to make the expensive headgear more usable. But the also made it a hell of a lot dorkier.

The end result was Glasskap, a set of 3D-printed Google Glass accessories that run the gamut from practical to hilarious. His bright red lens cap protects the gear as well as the privacy of would-be subjects before Glass’s camera. Another plastic cap slides over the glass prism to save it from scratches when in transit, which many Glass users could find useful, especially given Glass’ hefty $ 1,500 price tag. Other accessories help users see the screen in low light or add a pencil-holding functionality. Read more…

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No Transparency on Google Glass Sales



Google shut down its online Google Glass store Wednesday, but the tech giant isn’t sharing details on how many units it sold

The company sold Glass to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, which was the first time consumers could buy the device without having to apply to Google’s Explorer program. The site will remain active so interested customers can purchase accessories, should they choose, but no more Glass units will be sold, according to a Google spokesperson

Google was selling Glass for $ 1,500 a pair

Although the store shut down, it doesn’t appear that Google actually sold all of its Glass. Visitors to the site will see “Out of Stock” labels on each color, but Google is simply marking them that way — not necessarily confirming they are sold out Read more…

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Google Is Making It Easier for Developers to Build Android Wearables



With wristband fitness trackers, smartwatches and other tech wearables gaining massive traction, Google will be making it easier for developers to create these types of devices for its Android platform.

Sundar Pichai, Google senior vice president of Android and Chrome, announced at the SXSW conference in Austin on Monday that the company will release a SDK (software developer kit) later this month, The Guardian reports. With an SDK, developers would finally have a guide to building wearable tech that runs Android, which up until now has been ad hoc (the first Galaxy Gear ran Android).

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What Google Autocomplete Says About Super Bowl Advertisers



With the Super Bowl now less than a week away, advertisers are in full attention-seeking mode, buying up searches, dropping their ads on YouTube and trying to get their hashtags into circulation.

All the marketing money in the world doesn’t seem to stop Google autocomplete from unearthing ugly truths — or at least unattractive misconceptions — about the brands. As dozens of brands gear up to premiere their $ 4 million-plus ads on Sunday, here’s a glimpse at what consumers really think of them. If you Google the phrase “Why is X so…” these are your answers. For some brands, like Heinz and Butterfinger, this is good news. For others — we’re looking at you, GoDaddy — not so much Read more…

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