Edible six-pack rings let you have your beer and help the environment, too



Activists have long advocated for snipping the plastic six-pack rings that bind together cans and put wildlife at risk. Now, a Florida brewery is shunning plastic rings entirely, replacing them with a biodegradable version made from natural brewing byproducts. To top it off, the alternative product is edible

The project is the brainchild of the ad agency We Believers, which enlisted a team of engineers to create the rings and approached South Florida-based Saltwater Brewery about a partnership a couple of months ago. The conservation-conscious brewery, which is located in Delray Beach and works with charitable organizations including the Surfrider Foundation and Coastal Conservation Association, immediately jumped at the opportunity to combine its two passions, brewery President Chris Gove told MashableRead more…

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Your labrador can’t help but beg for food. Really, it’s in his genes.



When your dog looks up at you hopefully with big, sad eyes, begging for a treat, it can be hard to say no  in spite of your best intentions for restricting your pet to a healthier diet.

And one dog breed tests their owners more frequently, with more persistent begging than other breeds, according to a new study.

Labrador retrievers were found to be more inclined than other dog breeds to beg for treats, and to generally engage in behaviors related to getting more food. And the reason lies in their DNA, researchers found.

The study’s lead author, Eleanor Raffan — a veterinary surgeon and geneticist at the University of Cambridge in England — told Live Science that she was inspired to explore labrador obesity because she was seeing an unusually high number of overweight labs in her veterinary clinic. Read more…

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Do self help books help yourself or other people?

Question by dionysian31: Do self help books help yourself or other people?
Many people know that self help books can turn into an obsession. I find that one of the main problems is the applications of these self help books from book knowledge to everyday knowledge. Do these kind of books really enhance the moment of living rather than the future of a persona? If so, how do we tell future applications from every day resourceable tools? The answer that uses the best reasoning skills will get the 5 points.

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Answer by rvs1988
They help the people that write them $ $ $

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Unlimited Abundance Review Christie Marie Sheldon can help you change your mind set from the things

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how did anthony robbins help andre agassi? when?

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Question by ian82: how did anthony robbins help andre agassi? when?

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Answer by cremedelacreme04
G’day Ian82,

Thanks for your question.

Anthony Robbins claims to have helped anyone and everyone. I suspect if you are famous and have ever spoken with him, he will claim to have advised you. I quote from his page at the London Speakers Bureau.

trategic Advisor to World Leaders

“Anthony Robbins has met with, consulted, or advised international leaders, including Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, Francois Mitterand, Princess Diana, and Mother Theresa. He has consulted members of two royal families, U.S. Congressmen, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marines and three Presidents of the United States . Robbins has had the unique opportunity to identify patterns and model the underlying strategies responsible for generating consistent results for some of the most successful individuals in the world.”

I suspect met with is the operative phrase there. I can’t see him as a person who Margaret Thatcher would take terribly seriously for example.

In the world of sports “Highly respected as the nation’s foremost authority on the psychology of peak performance and personal, professional, and organizational turnaround, Anthony Robbins has advised and counseled Fortune 500 CEOs, world-renowned medical doctors, championship sports teams (including America’s Cup Winner, America 3; Stanley Cup finalist, Los Angeles Kings; NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs; and other teams in the NHL, MLB, and NBA), elite athletes and coaches (including Andre Agassi; Greg Norman; and championship winning athletes in the NFL, PGA, USTA and NASCAR) and legends in entertainment (such as Quincy Jones and Anthony Hopkins).”

How Anthony Robbins helped Andre Agassi or anybody else is never specifically mentioned. Agassi was playing very poorly after the breakup of his marriage with Brooke Shields in 1997 and it may have been during this period.

It would be different if we had Agassi talk about how Robbins helped him but we only have Anthony Robbins word for it. He may have had a conversation with Agassi once. Robbins advised Greg Norman after his collapse at the 1996 US Masters and it didn’t seem to help The Great White Shark much.

I have attached some sources for your reference.


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Can positive thinking help?

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Question by Pinkywinky: Can positive thinking help?
Do you belive that positive thinking can help mild depression? im trying to start saying positive quotes to myself now to clear my head….i feel a little down and worry to much i think i could have mild depression and dont want ot go to a doctor or a counceller….do you think it can help? i feel so negaitive and worried i feel my nerves getting bad 🙁

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Answer by ♥ Venus ♥
Posotive thinking is a good thing, but i think you should go to the doctor anyway. Depression is a chemical inbalance in the brain, and the doc will give you something mild, just to help you through your bad patch…….without treatment, the condition can get worse. I have anxiety, and nervousness, and it went on to develope in to panic attacks, which are horrendous, and i am now on medication. Go to the doctors hun, even if just for a chat about how you are feeling. Good luck!

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where can i buy self help books?

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Question by botherunot: where can i buy self help books?
ive looked in waterstones and whs but cant find any take control of your life books or how to change, any ideas i love reading so this will bennifit me both ways. i want to improve and have a guide but a humerouse and comicle self help guide. life love style.

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Answer by Sijo M
Self help books can make a you live a better life full of happiness and success. You wont get a better advice than self help books. Review and purchase the self help book you love.

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self help poll:Brian Tracy or Anthony Robins?

Question by Podgedgfd: self help poll:Brian Tracy or Anthony Robins?

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Answer by 17/m

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I need help with the Manifest Destiny?

Question by Cassidy: I need help with the Manifest Destiny?
My s.s teacher gave us an assignment and didn’t tell us anything about it other then that we were supposed to figure out these facts about Manifest Destiny .. Please help !

•Group of people involved
•Destination- to/from
•10 details
I can do the 10 details one .. But I can’t find the other ones ! It would be amazing if I could get help !

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Answer by Kim
people on the east wanted to go to the west and spread their beliefs and thoughts
49ers (gold miners), pioneers, mormons, immigrants from places like china

well at least i hope thats correct.

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Q&A: Do self-help books can help?

Question by Jim Lau: Do self-help books can help?
In China,Many self-help books have been published in these years and some of them were translated from American edition. I know they are always best-sellers in both countries. But many people in here don’t trust this kind of books. They think they’re just scams and can never help people. I just wonder the situation about this in your country. Have you ever read books such as Dale Carnegie’s things? And do you believe they can really help you if you follow the instruction?
Thanks a lot.

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Answer by Will To Power
Yes, the key is to have the discipline to “follow the instructions”.

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