Hollywood movies are getting too long, but there’s an elegant solution



The year was 2006, and the place was suburban Michigan. It was Friday, and for this night and many to come, hundreds of locals would gather at the Novi Town Center 8. From 2005 to 2010, the 8-screen theater specialized in Indian movies, especially Hindi-language Bollywood films.

Halfway through these movies, there is a customary intermission built right into the film reel — a chance to step out, stretch your legs, maybe grab a samosa or masala chai from the concession counter. 

The Novi Town Center’s cinema shut down in 2010. But as Hollywood movies grow lengthier and lengthier, it might be time to introduce the intermission to a new world of audiences. Read more…

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Bunny Reenacts Hollywood Blockbusters for Hare-Raising Photos



Throwing out last year’s calendar can bring out a mess of emotions. All those days you checked off — the good, the bad, the birthdays and anniversaries you forgot.

To ease the yearly trashing process, go with maximum levels of cute this year. Lucky for you, adorable Instagram star and carrot chomper Benjamin the Bunny has returned with a new calendar for 2014

Benjamin’s owner, Lauren Gates, dressed up the fluffball as famous movie characters and trotted him out to Prospect Park in Brooklyn to snap the snazzy pics.

Gates made all of Benjamin’s tiny costumes and elaborate backgrounds herself, which she told Mashable took “way too many months” to complete. She also says that while Benjamin doesn’t “particularly love” playing dress up, he is a good sport and rewarded with treats in return for his model patience. Read more…

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