20 Drunk Trees That Need to Go Home



You know the type. Everyone is just hanging out, having a good time, drinking a couple beers, and that one person goes a little overboard and ruins the fun for everyone else

We’ve all been there. Most of us learn after a handful of embarrassing nights when it’s time to put down the bottle and have a glass of water. But trees — they’re the biggest offenders of them all

The subreddit r/TreesSuckingAtThings has called out the trees making a scene in public, and there’s no explanation other than clear intrunksication

Go home, trees — you’re drunk. Read more…

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Is the work at home job for the company infinite abundance a scam?

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Question by idljeffe1977: Is the work at home job for the company infinite abundance a scam?
I’m out of work right now and i saw a listing for a work at home job(Customer Service/Data Entry) on Employment Guide.com for a company called Infinite Abundance and i just wanted to know if this was legit or not if anyone has any info good or bad please let me know thanks.


Best answer:

Answer by Ed Atun
It is mostly a waste of your time and energy. They are offering “unlimited wealth”. That sounds great. But we are in the midst of the worst recession in the last 70 years. They can not tell you that following their system will make you rich.

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Christie Marie Sheldon Unlimited Abundance a Scam?

Unlimited Abundance Program Download http://tinyurl.com/unlimitedabundance-com.
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How can I use Personal Development & The Movie, The Secret, to Create a very large income from home?

personal development
by TijsB

Question by : How can I use Personal Development & The Movie, The Secret, to Create a very large income from home?
I am searching for a business that I can run from home and I am very much into personal development.

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Answer by Tracy Hanes
The law of attraction is powerful. “The Secret” is a very good movie as well. Do you have expertise in personal development? I have a free book for you “Change Your Mind and Succeed”. Have you thought of affiliate marketing? Get your free book here: bit.ly/aeRCL5.

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http://www.HealthWealthYou “If You Will Change, Everything Will Change. To Have More, You Simply Have To Become More. Don’t Wish It Were Easier, Wish You Wer…
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The Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn Fairytale Land I Call Home

A few nice new romance novel images I found:

The Sparkly Rainbow Unicorn Fairytale Land I Call Home
new romance novel
Image by Viewminder
I live with a bunch of girls.

They’ve turned my house into a romance novel and my yard into a flowery paradise.

I’ve just been giving them the credit card whenever they ask for it and there’s gotta be about fifteen hundred bucks in solar powered garden lighting… flowerpots… the new firepit… where’d that umbrella come from… and only girls use upholstered stuff outside…

because they’ll bring it in.

I have never seen so many flowers in my life as there are blooming in my yard right now.

Whatever happened to my plans for an evil lair?

Last night my daughters and I sat next to a bonfire in the backyard and talked until late in the night.

It felt like camping.

We looked at the stars and I told them how it was when I was a kid… how you could see so many more than you can now.

And I noticed all of these beautiful lights and candles burning.

I got kinda nervous though…

I thought Fabio might show up in a pirate shirt at any time.

It’s pretty amazing living with all of these little women and watching them grow up and do things like this.

I really enjoyed our talks over the bonfire last night.

Juliet’s Balcony, Verona
new romance novel
Image by spencer77
Used by Random House Publishing Group (New York) for an Ebook of Anne Fortier’s historical novel JULIET. Also used by thehotelguru.com www.thehotelguru.com/best-hotels/italy/verona
Blogged!!! blog.brillianttrips.com/2011/10/venice-and-verona-make-a-…
This picture is available to use for free, under the creative commons licence. All I ask is that I’m given a photo credit & a courtesy email to let me know how it’s being used.

Dongmyo 동묘 東廟
new romance novel
Image by InSapphoWeTrust
Despite Taoist motifs making up the elements of South Korea’s national flag, Korea historically never had any Taoist tradition. However, there is a nice Taoist shrine in Seoul’s eastern downtown, called Dongmyo. After a joint China-Korea force defeated the Japanese invasion in the 1590s, this shrine was dedicated in 1601 with Ming Chinese funding. It honors General Guan Yu (關羽), of Romance of the Three Kingdoms fame, who had died around 220 and is often considered the guardian god of the warriors in Taoism; even for the Koreans, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a very widely read Chinese historical novel, and they do hold Guan Yu in high regard based on the novel.

The Ming Dynasty fell shortly after the construction of this shrine. The Korean royal government continued to honor the imperial Ming lineage here, partly because it did not recognize the legitimacy of China’s new dynasty, Manchu, as it was not ethnically Han Chinese. That arrangement continued until Manchu China brought the Koreans into submission in 1636. (A modern parallel would be South Korea selflessly serving the interests of the US neocons, yet hating the guts of the Obama Administration because of Obama’s black non-WASP background.)

However, with the rise of Korean nationalism in the 19th Century, Dongmyo fell into disrepair, and its vicinity became a rowdy street market.

With South Korea establishing ties to the People’s Republic of China in 1992 and Chinese tourists visiting Seoul in increasing numbers, Dongmyo went under renovation. It was supposed to be completed sometime during my residency in late 2008, but was not completed on time, and I would not get to see a Taoist shrine until heading down to Hong Kong toward the end of my Seoul stint. All I could see was pretty much this Korean-language marker outside its walls.