What is a good idea for a funny short story?

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Question by suavemonkey14: What is a good idea for a funny short story?
I have to do a short story for calss tomorrow and I want it to be funny….Any ideas?

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Answer by Ralph
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Try to come up with a main character for your story. Write down a description – male, female, eye color, etc. etc.

Then take this character and imagine then in some odd place or scenario – anything goes! Write down ideas on what would have to happen to your character or how they would react to the scenario you placed them in.

You can do this for multiple characters if you like.

This may seem futile, but it will help you flesh out some characters and give you insight into what you may want to happen to this type of character in a potential story. You may even come up with multiple story lines!

Strong well crafted main characters can inspire readers to love your story as well as drive you to write a great story for these imagined beings to be in! 🙂

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