letting love manifest?

Question by tlc14: letting love manifest?
in one of my previous question, someone answered with a very awesome answer. it really hit home with me. (and i thank you for your answer BLI)

but in the answer she put, “letting the love manifest.”
i don’t understand what you/she means by that.

here is the link to my previous question and the answer i am talking about is the one posted by BLI (the 7th answer)

Best answer:

Answer by I sharpen
Letting love manifest means….allowing it to COME OUT. To show forth. It is the outward “evidence” of something that is already inside. In this case “LOVE” That is what manifest means. Enjoy being in Love. 🙂

Regarding your situation. I believe it takes a real “lady” with class, that has the ability to be kind to anyone she talks to, even the opposite sex. And yet at the same time…just by the way she carries herself, she knows how to show in her eyes (to anyone) that she is basically taken, and totally committed to her bf/husband…etc. The male should do the same thing for his gf/wife. It’s called deep commitment to each other.

Both of you should never want the other to suppress God given love and kindness toward anyone. You cannot crush, or possess a rose. It must be allowed to grow and share it’s God given beauty to all. Read Proverbs 31 and desire to become that woman. That is the best God can offer a man.

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