Tron Light Cycle rollercoaster video looks like a scene from the movie



Last year, we told you about the amazing new Tron-inspired rollercoaster planned for the Shanghai Disney Resort. But back then we only had concept drawings. Now the Lightcycle Power Run rollercoaster is finished and has started taking passengers, and the ride lives up to last year’s hype. 

In a video posted on Sunday, a rider gives us a first-person point of view as the Tron rollercoaster whizzes through a maze of futuristic twists and turns. This might be as close as you’ll get (for now) to riding a real Tron light cycle in a similarly Tron-esque environment. 

Is it worth taking a trip all the way to China? Watch the video (above) and judge for yourself.  Read more…

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What are some good romance Japanese light novel series?

romance novel review
by andyi

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Question by Lianne: What are some good romance Japanese light novel series?
I’ve been looking for a some sweet romance light novels, but I haven’t been able to find any. I’ve tried to search and have found either harems or stories dedicated to looking up girls’ skirts. Are there any on just cute romance out there? Anything sweet would do.

Best answer:

Answer by E
The only ones I’ve read tend t’wards the fantasy, horror and sci-fi end of the genre, but I’d be happy to give you some recommendations based on reviews I’ve read. I’m rubbish at finding romance books since I almost never read them. I’ll give you a few to try but most probably won’t be romance.

The Twelve Kingdoms ( is a very popular one, and not just among folks who have watched the anime. It is fantasy.

I’ve heard some good stuff about the Book Girl series ( This is urban fantasy.

Shakugan no Shana ( has a bit of a romanic undertone, but I didn’t care for the writing too much.

Strawberry Panic! (!) is a romance, but it is girlXgirl, so if you don’t care for that it won’t be your thing.

Slayers ( is also very well-known and although it is mostly a fantasy/adventure story, there is a side of romance.

Maybe one of those will be something you’ll want to try. I recommend going to your favorite publishers’s websites and looking there too.

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