Manifesting? How to Manifest your desires?

Question by Kaity: Manifesting? How to Manifest your desires?
I Have bin recently searching on the internet about manifesting your desires. I have fallin in love with the secret I have watched it like 10 times, but I still dont fully understand how to do this and the use of the techniques. I tried the being happy all the time and using my emotions to manifest but I feel as if its not working? Anyone got any tips or tricks I can use that would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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Answer by nezzy
Hello Kaity, Manifesting is all about the passion you put into something. The more feeling and the more you want it the easier it will be to attract it to you. You also have to believe its already yours. I have a hole book of written techniques that I follow every night before I go to sleep and when I first wake up. Here are a couple.
1) Before you go to sleep write down what you want or your desire at least 10 times ( but instead of writing I want this or I wish for this, write like you already have it. For example, I am so glad I made $ 6000 this month.)
2) Stand infront of a mirrior and look your self right into the eyes. Recite the page you just wrote well still having eye connection with yourself and read it with alot of emotion and feeling. Just think of how happy you are now that you have your desire. (even know you don’t have it.) Put all you trust into this
and all the emotion possible. ( I mean who could you trust more then yourself anyway since its just you looking back at yourself in the mirrior.)
3) Finally lay in your bed and repeat over and over your desire, once again as if you already had it.
Keep doing this everynight! These steps dont sound helpfull but they really are! they helped me so i hope they help you!
If you willing to spend some money a great program to check out is The Awaking Coarse. It shows you the in’s and out’s of manifesting and how to attract things such as health, wellness, money, love etc. Its helped me out so much, and its by Joe Vitale who was featured in the secret. I’ll post the link below if your interested! Well goodluck! Hope all goes well.

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Question by gingerdarling: Where can I download Mike dooley’s Book – Manifesting change free pdf download?
where can I find and download a free pdf of mike dooley manifesting change ebook? Or audio? Any links? anything. HELP please!! Thank you..

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Answer by Jonathan Creek
It’s a commercial product, why are you asking for a free download link?

If you want to find it for free, you’ll have to use your own initiative, not ask others to provide you with links

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