Tron Light Cycle rollercoaster video looks like a scene from the movie



Last year, we told you about the amazing new Tron-inspired rollercoaster planned for the Shanghai Disney Resort. But back then we only had concept drawings. Now the Lightcycle Power Run rollercoaster is finished and has started taking passengers, and the ride lives up to last year’s hype. 

In a video posted on Sunday, a rider gives us a first-person point of view as the Tron rollercoaster whizzes through a maze of futuristic twists and turns. This might be as close as you’ll get (for now) to riding a real Tron light cycle in a similarly Tron-esque environment. 

Is it worth taking a trip all the way to China? Watch the video (above) and judge for yourself.  Read more…

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what is your favorite inspirational movie?

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Question by freetowitnis2002: what is your favorite inspirational movie?

Best answer:

Answer by Matt
The pursuit of happyness.

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Inspirational movie?

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Question by Seniorita: Inspirational movie?
I would prefer if the movie was true, or based on a true story.. if not that’s okay.

The type of movie I’m looking for is kind of like : “Don’t let anyone what you can do… or something along the lines of against the odds

I love watchingstories about people who never give up… and all that nice stuff..

Please help & Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Ro
The Pursuit of Happiness.

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Whats a relaxing inspirational movie?

Question by El Crispador: Whats a relaxing inspirational movie?

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Answer by CoCo
John Q
How to train your Dragon
Pursuit of Happiness

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A few nice inspirational movies images I found:

inspirational movies
Image by juleswrules
I can’t imagine a world without tigers

maps and inspirational books
inspirational movies
Image by>-filming-boat-</

Story of Stuff Gal
inspirational movies
Image by Earthworm
Annie Leonard is the creator of the little internet movie that could. The Story of Stuff has received 7.3 million views. When she was on the cover of the NY Times, Fox news pundits called her Marx with a pony tail and said she was undermining Western Civilization. Glenn Beck is targeting her claiming that her film promotes social justice. Well hallelujah. She says not to worry about them. They are the little group of cells in the caterpillar that attacks the butterfly cells just before the butterfly is birthed. The butterfly never-the-less survives. Her response to these attacks is for us to turn up the volume and be heard more often and louder.

The thing about our persuit of stuff, she says, is that not only is it trashing our planet and trashing each other, but that it’s not even fun. Because if it were fun she could get behind going down in flames. I would go along with that.

She says that 1/4 of the US population say they have no one to talk to about personal issues and that all over the world the #1 thing that people say would make them happy is to have a shared relationship with another person.

She talked about the Happiness Index which measures happiness per unit of resources consumed. Costa Rica is #1. The US is #103 just above nations of Africa.

When she shows her movie to an audience she says someone inevitably asks her "what can I buy?" (that would most help change this paradigm), which of course defeats the message. She tells them the best thing they can do is turn to someone in line at the cash register and ask them what social issues concern them and what change they would most like to see in their community. Then take them home to dinner.

There was an Old Movie – possibly made for TV movie. Staring a German Shepard training to Join the K-9 ..?

Question by makaveli1184: There was an Old Movie – possibly made for TV movie. Staring a German Shepard training to Join the K-9 ..?
possibly made for TV movie. Staring a German Shepard training to Join the K-9 squad – can anyone tell me the name of that Movie – i thin kit was just the name of the Dog – and i think it started with an R or K ???? not sure

Best answer:

Answer by wmwiv
Are you thinking of Rin tin tin?

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For Beyond 50’s “Personal Growth” talks, listen to an interview with Mike Dooley, author of “Infinite Possibilities” and best known for his online messages c…
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What’s your alltime favorite inspirational movie?

Question by Phils fan ~ 2008 WS CHAMPS!: What’s your alltime favorite inspirational movie?
And quote from it?
I’m sad and down haha time for a pick me up!!
I am 🙁
and aw i’m sorry, smile!
aw thank you 🙂 i’ll try!
smile’s alway make me feel better, so thanks again! =)

Best answer:

Answer by Alien
You’re sad? me too.
I suggest movies like..
Rocky –

Crime Spree-
“No smoking, no drinking? What kind of country is this?”
(Crime Spree is my favorite movie. Gives me the reason to smile. Features awesome actors and they make fool of themselves.)

It’s a nice movie to when you need to laugh alone.

Home Alone (every depressing christmas, I watch this)

Martian Child
I watched this movie just yesterday, and the movie was really cute. A science fiction writer adopts a weird boy who thinks he is from Mars. They bond together as a father and son.

My father the hero (hilarious)
My favorite french actor features in this movie too. Gérard Depardieu. He finally has time to bond w/ his daughter together in a nice vacation island. And people think that he is a rich guy from France and a pedophile. All he is trying to do is to please his moody teenage daughter.

Last holiday
A typical romance movie. Very predictable but I thought it was cute. A middle aged woman w/ crappy job finds out she only has 30 days to live. She shines that 30 days!

Nobel Son
Alan Rickman, the guy who plays snape in harry potter is also my favorite actor. He plays a complete jerk in this movie. I really liked it.

Spirited Away
To escape from reality, you must watch this animation. Well known and won the oscars.

Tais Toi!
A french film. Features Gérard Depardieu and Jean Reno. It made me smile alot.

Haha, I was laughing so hard at the beginning. It makes you appreciate foreign films even more.

I’m sorry about the lack of quote. But it’s really worth watching these movies. Rocky series are too long so I suggest you watch other movies in the list.
To make you smile a bit. Cheer up. I’m going to cheer up too.

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Since a lot of people complaint about the song of the previous video, I removed the music and also added few more scenes of other movies too. I hope I don’t …
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52 Disney Animated Movie Locations Mapped Around the World



Looks like it really is a small world, after all.

Artist Eowyn Smith has compiled several of the magical kingdoms from Disney and Pixar flicks and mapped out their locations around the world.

Smith wrote on her DeviantART page that the map features 46 Disney and 16 Pixar movies. If a film was too vague about their location, Smith relied on the original story or myth on which the movies were based.

Take a look and see what stops you’d make on a Disney-themed trip around the world.

Disney Map

BONUS: 10 Eerie Similarities Between Disney Movies and the Opening Ceremony

Read more…

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What is a cultural inspirational movie, song, or Tv show in the United States?

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Question by JC: What is a cultural inspirational movie, song, or Tv show in the United States?
I’m a college transfer student, and our final paper is to choose a cultural inspirational movie, song, or television show and explain why is it influential with one or two examples.

I’m still quite new to this country and I’m not sure what to pick. Can anyone suggest something and give me one or two examples? From there I can research it further and right my paper. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Jayy Thomas
Hello Friend welcome to our Great Nation.
One inspirational film is Menace To Society it is a movie about a young man growing up in the ghetto who has the choice to stay there or leave.( Contains alot of violence and swearing.)

To Kill a Mockingbird. This is a story about a lawyer named Atticus Finch and his children who experience ethical situation regarding class , race and compassion. ( This film was adapted from a book and was made in the 1960s, still very good though)

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Going for the gold. Knocking it out of the park. Making a slam-dunk. In movies, sports provide not just action but also motivation. Join http://www.WatchMojo…
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How can I use Personal Development & The Movie, The Secret, to Create a very large income from home?

personal development
by TijsB

Question by : How can I use Personal Development & The Movie, The Secret, to Create a very large income from home?
I am searching for a business that I can run from home and I am very much into personal development.

Best answer:

Answer by Tracy Hanes
The law of attraction is powerful. “The Secret” is a very good movie as well. Do you have expertise in personal development? I have a free book for you “Change Your Mind and Succeed”. Have you thought of affiliate marketing? Get your free book here:

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