10 brilliant photos that flip your world upside down



Last week, we challenged our Instagram community to experiment with perspective and shoot upside down photos. We saw a handful of creative shots, ranging from flipped cityscapes and sunsets to reflections in puddles

The world looks completely different upside down, and these photos prove it. Scroll through our selected #MashPics_UpsideDown images below.

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How All the Photos From Sochi Reach You in Just 3 Minutes



During events like the Winter Olympics — when information circles the world in split-second tweets — news organizations are desperate for photos to accompany their stories. But for photography institutions such as Getty and the Associated Press, sending those photos thousands of miles to where they need to be presents a challenge. To meet the demand, the companies are investing heavily in new technologies to deliver photos to news outlets as quickly as possible — even from the top of remote mountains.

Getty vice-president of sports Ken Mainardis told Mashable that the stock-photo agency, in conjunction with other outlets and the International Olympic Committee, had laid about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) of fiber-optic cable to transfer photos at 100 megabits per second. This allows Getty’s team of 70 to send pressing photos to news publications in 180 seconds — just three minutes. Read more…

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Bunny Reenacts Hollywood Blockbusters for Hare-Raising Photos



Throwing out last year’s calendar can bring out a mess of emotions. All those days you checked off — the good, the bad, the birthdays and anniversaries you forgot.

To ease the yearly trashing process, go with maximum levels of cute this year. Lucky for you, adorable Instagram star and carrot chomper Benjamin the Bunny has returned with a new calendar for 2014

Benjamin’s owner, Lauren Gates, dressed up the fluffball as famous movie characters and trotted him out to Prospect Park in Brooklyn to snap the snazzy pics.

Gates made all of Benjamin’s tiny costumes and elaborate backgrounds herself, which she told Mashable took “way too many months” to complete. She also says that while Benjamin doesn’t “particularly love” playing dress up, he is a good sport and rewarded with treats in return for his model patience. Read more…

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Father Retakes Wedding Photos With His 3-Year-Old in Mom’s Memory



Photographs provide a means to access the past and keep memories fresh in mind. To pay tribute to his late wife, a father and his young daughter posed for a series of photos that reflect on their lives without her.

moving mom photo seriesImage: Melanie Tracy Pace, Loft3 Photography

In November, two years after Ben Nunery’s wife Ali passed away from a rare form of lung cancer, he and his daughter Olivia prepared to move from their Cincinnati home. According to Today, Nunery wanted a way to remember the home before leaving, so he asked his sister-in-law to take some final photographs.

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