relationships cloud personal growth?

Question by Danni: relationships cloud personal growth?
I was in a relationship for almost four years and its been over since June. It was a very unhealthy one and i feel like there so much i want to change about myself. Ive been dating this new guy for almost three months and he treats me great i love the attention he gives me maybe i just like the idea of him but anyways i feel the need to be single i just want to concentrate on myself but i like him but not enough for a commitment even though i’m already in one. I’m twenty years old i feel like i need to just be single since i havent been since i was 16 but he really likes me and cares for me. Im just torn what to do.

I’ve been trying work on myself but it seems like being in a relationship is clouding my personal growth. what do you think i should do?????

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Answer by jellybean
Dani,stay single for awhile. Tell your new guy about your recent break up.Tell him you like him a lot,but are not ready to enter a committed relationship. You have to tell him.If he knows you feel this way he can date other people.He might be OK with it.

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