What are some good author s who sell their books for free on Kindle fire HD?

Question by unknown: What are some good author s who sell their books for free on Kindle fire HD?
Like I am into paranormal romance novels and werewolfs ones like The Mating by Nicky Charles. But all the other books are like 3 dollars each and I’m broke :(. So what are some good authors who sell their books for free?

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Answer by Lauryn
Books are only offered for free through KDP for a limited period of time. You’re only able to offer a book for free for 5 days every three months, so which titles are free changes all the time. When you go to Amazon you can search just the free titles.

http://www.pixelofink.com/ is a site where authors will often advertise their free books, and they have other deals too. You might find it helpful.

You also might want to join http://goodreads.com/ They are constantly running giveaways and in their forums you can find authors promoting their free days or even authors willing to give away copies in exchange for reviews.

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