Photographer Shows the Sweet Side of Pit Bulls



Dogs bring joy, tail wags and companionship to their humans — no matter the breed

Pit bulls’ muscular strength have earned them a label as being aggressive or dangerous, but as thousands of dogs endure abuse and end up locked away in shelters, there has been a push to help these animals overhaul their reputation.

Photographer Douglas Sonders began his photography series, Not a Bully, in 2012 to help dogs in need — specifically ones who are labeled as “bully breeds,” a term used for 14 dog breeds including French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers

“The goal … is to serve as a positive PR campaign to share that despite what some bad humans have done to these dogs, they are inherently sweet and very trainable,” Sonders tells Mashable. Read more…

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LED Mood-Sweater Shows People How You Really Feel



As the wearable tech market grows, creatives are introducing more high-fashion and interactive designs.

The GER Mood Sweater reads human emotions by reflecting specific LED light colors onto the white fabric of a sweater, which looks like a glowing futuristic loose fit turtleneck. Developed by San Francisco-based design firm Sensoree, the mood sweater contains a type of sensor known as the Galvanic Extimacy Responder. You wear the sensors on your hands, similar to lie detector test technology.

The emotions corresponding to the five light colors are tranquil or zen teal, calm or relaxed blue, ruffled or excited magenta, nervous or in love red, and ecstatic or blissful light yellow. Read more…

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